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Lindsay Lohan steals the spotlight at Shanghai fashion awards
posted by admin on 09 Jan 2014

The actress and party girl looked gorgeous in a velvet mini-dress at the Sohu Fashion Achievement Awards.

Lindsay Lohan was the centre of attention at the 2nd Sohu Fashion Achievement Awards in ShanghaiMore

Lindsay Lohan wins fashion award
posted by admin on 09 Jan 2014

Actress Lindsay Lohan has jetted to China to pick up a special award at a fashion event in Shanghai.

The Mean Girls star was honoured for her contribution to style during the Sohu Fashion Achievement Awards on Monday.More

Lindsay Lohan 'Finds Love After Rehab With Former Football Player Matt Nordgren'
posted by admin on 21 Sep 2013

Lindsay Lohan has been busy rebuilding her life since leaving rehab in July and it appears that includes the romantic side of it as she's reportedly dating former American footballer Matt Nordgen.

The 27-year-old entered rehab for three months after striking a plea deal with prosecutors over a car accident in June 2012 and since has been determined to turn over a new leaf.More

Lindsay Lohan's mother, Dina, arrested and charged with DWI
posted by admin on 21 Sep 2013

Dina Lohan, mother of actress Lindsay Lohan, was arrested and charged with two counts of driving while intoxicated Thursday night, New York State Police said Friday.

According to a press release from the police, the elder Lohan was stopped at approximately 11 p.m. Thursday when the white BMW she was driving westbound on the Northern State Parkway was observed traveling at 77 mph in a 55 mph zone. More

posted by admin on 07 Jul 2013


posted by admin on 07 Jul 2013



Lindsay Lohan will move back to New York City after rehab, mom says
posted by admin on 07 Jul 2013

Lindsay Lohan is heading back to New York when she wraps up rehab at the end of the month, her mom told the Daily News.

The “Mean Girls” star, who turned 27 on Tuesday, will get a belated birthday pool party on Long Island and then make plans to carry on with work and her court-ordered community service away from the Hollywood spotlight, Dina Lohan said when reached by phone Thursday.More

Lindsay Lohan cries on David Letterman's show
posted by admin on 12 Apr 2013

When Lindsay Lohan cries, it often has something to do with court — but Tuesday night on Letterman it was something else entirely.

Whether the jokes and constant peppering about rehab just got to be too much or some unexpected praise did her in is something for the viewer to decide. More

LiLo late to ‘Scary Movie’ premiere, gets cozy with Charlie Sheen
posted by admin on 12 Apr 2013

Surprise, surprise, Lindsay Lohan was late to her “Scary Movie 5” premiere in Hollywood last night.

The rehab-bound actress hit the red carpet a full 30 minutes after it was scheduled to close and just before the movie was about to start, E! News reported. More

Lindsay Lohan a No-Show in Court
posted by admin on 08 Jan 2013

Lindsay Lohan did not show up in court today for a hearing involving her altercation at a NYC nightclub in which she allegedly punched a Palm Beach psychic, and Lohan's lawyer doubts that the case against her will proceed.

Attorney Mark Jay Heller told reporters the 26-year-old "Liz & Dick" actress "never made any physical contact with the alleged victim," Tiffany Ava Mitchell, who he said was trying to read Lohan's fortune at the time of the incident.More

posted by admin on 06 Jan 2013


Lindsay Lohan To Appear In Court On Charges From Nightclub Fight
posted by admin on 06 Jan 2013

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Lindsay Lohan was set to appear in court in Manhattan in connection with charges that she hit a woman during an argument in a Chelsea nightclub in November.

Lohan was to appear in Manhattan Criminal Court Monday, the New York Daily News reported. The appearance stems from third-degree assault charges filed back on Nov. 29, and the court date was set at that time.More

Lindsay Lohan attends "Liz & Dick" premiere
posted by admin on 24 Nov 2012

Lindsay Lohan walked the red carpet for the premiere of her new film "Liz & Dick" wearing an ivory slip dress.

Lohan's floor-length Donna Dashini gown had three cut-outs down the front with red beds dangling from each cut out. The actress accessorized with Nanzo Muzi shoes and a fur stole.More

Lindsay Lohan's Half Sister Upset She Wants Nothing To Do With Her
posted by admin on 24 Nov 2012

Lindsay - whose father Michael Lohan took a paternity test recently which confirmed that 17-year-old Ashley Horn is his daughter - reportedly said she wants nothing to do her.

After LiLo called the situation a "circus", the teenager has apparently been left distraught.More

Lindsay Lohan's comeback bid front and centre in made-for-TV movie 'Liz & Dick
posted by admin on 24 Nov 2012

The made-for-TV movie "Liz & Dick" is ostensibly about the roller-coaster romance of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

But as soon as tabloid staple Lindsay Lohan was attached to star as Taylor, it was clear that her own roller-coaster life would overshadow much of the project, says co-star Grant Bowler, who plays Burton. More

'Liz & Dick' producer talks the risky business of hiring Lindsay Lohan
posted by admin on 24 Nov 2012

On Sunday, Lifetime premieres "Liz & Dick," its Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton biopic starring Lindsay Lohan and Grant Bowler. Exec producer Larry Thompson openly admits Lohan brought with her a younger demographic (and headlines) but also risk.

He first met with Lohan about the project last December but cameras didn't roll until June. "When we first met with her, she had two probations, and when we finally closed the deal with her, there was only one probation," Thompson says. "If we couldn't have gotten insurance, there would have been no movie. We wound up having to go to Lloyd's of London to get what we called incarceration insurance....More

Troubled Lindsay Lohan lives the life of Elizabeth Taylor
posted by admin on 21 Sep 2012

In recent years her chaotic personal life has eclipsed her acting career. In fact, Lindsay Lohan's latest run-in with the law had even looked set to overshadow her long-awaited return to acting.

But it seems the actress has found the perfect creative outlet, playing probably one of the only women who could ever beat her in the drama department - Elizabeth Taylor. More

posted by admin on 26 Aug 2012


Lindsay Lohan Burglary 'Person of Interest' But It May Be Case Closed
posted by admin on 26 Aug 2012

Lindsay Lohan is more than just a witness to an alleged burglary that went down in the Hollywood Hills last Sunday ... law enforcement sources tell us she is a "person of interest," but the case may now be over.

Law enforcement sources tell us they are not ready to call Lindsay a suspect, but they are suspicious of her actions at a house party where 2 watches and an expensive pair of sunglasses -- total value $100,000 -- supposedly went missing. We're told Lindsay let 2 friends into the house and cops think when they left they took the goods ... and she may have been in on it. More

Lindsay Lohan still rolling in the dough
posted by admin on 26 Aug 2012

If there is anything that we've learned from Lindsay Lohan, it's that a few stints in jail won't hurt your bank account.

According to TMZ Lohan's financial woes are a thing of the past because the actress is reportedly set to bank more than $2 million US by the end of the year. More

Lindsay Lohan and Kristen Stewart Party Together
posted by admin on 11 Aug 2012

“Twilight” star Kristen Stewart came out of hiding after a cheating scandal rocked her relationship with Robert Pattinson by attending a party with Lindsay Lohan.

Stewart has been licking her wounds since admitting to a brief fling with “Snow White” director Rupert Sanders. The actress dropped out of the indie film “Cali” and will not be attending next week’s London premiere of her film, “On the Road.”

Eastwood still likes Lindsay Lohan films
posted by admin on 11 Aug 2012

Francesca Eastwood isn't sure what exactly sparked Lindsay Lohan's outburst against her earlier this week.

The 'Eastwood and Company' star was on the receiving end of a rant from the actress at a Hollywood nightclub this week.More

Francesca Eastwood Talks Lindsay Lohan Crashing Her Birthday Bash
posted by admin on 11 Aug 2012

The oft-troubled-but-comebacking-as-of-late actress seems to have hit yet another bump in the road—and this time she's crashed with E! star Francesca Eastwood and her photographer boyfriend Tyler Shields (who's previously worked with Linds).

Not only has E! News confirmed that there was indeed a public snafu involving Lindsay at the Mrs. Eastwood & Company star's birthday bash in Los Angeles, but Francesca and Tyler also exclusively share their thoughts on Lindsay's outburst. More

Lady Gaga and Lindsay Lohan Teaming for New Music Video
posted by admin on 09 Aug 2012

For Lindsay Lohan, when it rains it pours. While that can involve drama, courthouse visits and an endless string of headlines, this time LiLo is caught in a downpour of...work! All together now: It's raining roles, hallelujah!

Not only does she have Liz & Dick set to debut on Lifetime (in which, of course, she's channeling the late Elizabeth Taylor), the oh-so-controversial Canyons (in which she plays opposite porn star James Deen) and Scary Movie 5 with Charlie Sheen, but she's returning to the world of music. More

Lindsay Lohan Stuns In Sheer White Swimsuit
posted by admin on 07 Aug 2012

Lindsay Lohan may have wrapped her Elizabeth Taylor biopic, but she's still certainly channeling America's princess of poise.

Lohan was spotted at her hotel pool in Hollywood, wearing a sheer-paneled white swimsuit and stretching out on a chaise lounge. More

Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen to star in 'Scary Movie 5,' report says
posted by admin on 07 Aug 2012

According to E! News, Lohan has nearly signed on to star in the reboot, which starred Anna Faris in the first four films of the horror spoof franchise.

Lohan's rep told the entertainment outlet that the actress had not inked a deal "as of right this moment," but film insiders seemed confident that she was on-board. More

Lindsay Lohan Films Topless Scene With Pants-Less Crew
posted by admin on 01 Aug 2012

Before Lindsay Lohan went topless, the crew of her new movie, “The Canyons,” dropped their pants.

"They were down to their underwear,” a source told ABCNews.com. “It’s a common thing for a crew to do to make actors feel less self-conscious.” More

Lindsay Lohan to 'The Canyons' crew: You take it off too
posted by admin on 01 Aug 2012

How does Lindsay Lohan calm those pesky nudity nerves? Boxer briefs are an instant remedy.

Boxer briefs on the other guy, that is. More

Lindsay Lohan's Sister Modeling Agent Ships Her Off To KOREA
posted by admin on 30 Jul 2012

Let's hope Lindsay Lohan's little sister likes to chow down on things like kimchi and bibimbap ... because her modeling agency just sent her 6,000 miles away to go find work in ... KOREA!

According to our sources ... 18-year-old Ali Lohan will spend the next 30 days or so living in Korea (South, not North) with a group of 3-4 other Americans in a "model house" as they all try to book gigs in the Asian market. More

Lindsay Lohan Another Day ... Another FENDER BENDER!
posted by admin on 30 Jul 2012

Call Guinness ... Lindsay Lohan was just involved in her 5,412th car accident -- but luckily, this one didn't require tow trucks or ambulances.

Here's the blow-by-blow: accident-prone Lindsay chose to get behind the wheel of her black Porsche Panamera after a shopping trip in Bev Hills this afternoon. More

Lindsay Lohan and Porn Star James Deen in Bed Together
posted by admin on 20 Jul 2012

Lindsay Lohan needs to update that Facebook status to “In a Relationship”: at least work-wise. Apparently not outraged enough by the “full nudity” required of her in Bret Easton Ellis and Paul Schrader’s Kickstarter-funded film The Canyons, the star was revealed yesterday in a Facebook photo to be shooting a scene with porn star James Deen…in bed.


Lindsay Lohan's First Liz & Dick Promo—Watch Now!
posted by admin on 20 Jul 2012

During tonight's season premiere of Project Runway, viewers got a little treat (kinda).


Lohan lands starring role in The Canyons
posted by admin on 20 Jul 2012

LOS ANGELES Amid ongoing legal issues, a recent car crash and run-in with paramedics, Lindsay Lohan has secured her next movie role.

Producer Braxton Pope says Lohan will star in The Canyons, a film by Less Than Zero author Bret Easton Ellis about sex and ambition among 20-somethings in Los Angeles. Paul Schrader, who wrote Taxi Driver and directed American Gigolo, is set to direct the film.More

Lindsay Lohan Yet Another Hair-Raising Moment
posted by admin on 14 Jul 2012

Years of extensions, weaves and dye jobs have finally taken their toll on Lindsay Lohan ... as her exposed scalp made an impromptu appearance through her scraggly ginger locks when she picked up dinner at -- the appropriately named -- E. Baldi restaurant in Beverly Hills on Thursday.


posted by admin on 14 Jul 2012


Lindsay Lohan Returns to Her Redheaded Roots—Do You Like?
posted by admin on 07 Jul 2012

With a new movie in the can (Liz & Dick) and another one reportedly on the way (The Canyons), comeback star Lindsay Lohan's career is surely heating up again.

Makes sense, then, that the 26-year-old has now gone back to a fiery 'do to help her turn up the heat! More

New Lindsay Lohan movie: Seeking Toronto actress online
posted by admin on 07 Jul 2012

A Toronto actress could end up sharing screen time with Lindsay Lohan in The Canyons, an upcoming thriller about 20-somethings seeking “power, love, sex and success” in Hollywood.

Writer-director Paul Schrader (American Gigolo, Taxi Driver) is using social media site Mobli to help cast the role of budding socialite Caitlin for The Canyons, which starts shooting in Los Angeles July 13.More

Inside Lindsay Lohan's 26th Birthday Bash
posted by admin on 02 Jul 2012

The Liz & Dick actress let loose during her birthday bash at West Hollywood nightclub Bootsy Bellows early Sunday. The party took place one day ahead of her 26th birthday, which she celebrates on Monday.


Lindsay Lohan celebrates birthday
posted by admin on 02 Jul 2012

Lindsay Lohan celebrated her birthday at David Arquette's nightclub on Sunday night.

The 'Liz Dick' actress visited Bootsy Bellows, in West Hollywood, just after midnight, with friends including her assistant Gavin Doyle, ahead of turning 26 today (02.07.12) and onlookers said she was thrilled to be the centre of attention when up-and-coming group Speakers performed several songs just for her.More

posted by admin on 02 Jul 2012



Final case against Lindsay Lohan over 2007 chase that led to arrest settled
posted by admin on 29 Jun 2012

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - Lindsay Lohan has resolved a case filed by three men she took on a high-speed ride that resulted in her second driving under the influence arrest in 2007.

Attorneys for the 25-year-old actress and the men confirmed Wednesday the lawsuit has been settled before trial. Terms were not disclosed. More

Lindsay Lohan 911 Call Hotel Emergency Classified As Life-Threatenin
posted by admin on 23 Jun 2012

TMZ has obtained the 911 call placed moments before paramedics rushed to Lindsay Lohan's side last week at a Ritz-Carlton in L.A. -- and according to the caller, the emergency was life-threatening.

The caller -- a male nurse who works for the production company behind Lindsay's new movie -- called the situation a "Code 3" ... which is emergency lingo for "life-threat response".More

Lindsay Lohan Channels Liz Taylor's 80s Look
posted by admin on 22 Jun 2012

Lindsay Lohan channeled the 1980s incarnation of Elizabeth Taylor for Lifetime's biopic Liz & Dick Wednesday, and RadarOnline.com has the new photo for you.

The Mean Girls star plays the Hollywood icon in the made-for-TV film, which is scheduled to be broadcast in October. It chronicles the rocky relationship between Taylor and her one-time husband Richard Burton. This shot is presumably taken from a point depicting the timeframe around Burton's 1984 death.More

Woody Allen Talks Mystery Meeting with Lindsay Lohan
posted by admin on 22 Jun 2012

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway caught up with Woody Allen in the Big Apple at the Cinema Society screening of his film “To Rome with Love,” and asked the auteur about having a meal with Lindsay Lohan.

Allen sets the record straight that it wasn’t about a new project… not yet, anyway. “No, no, but I wouldn’t hesitate to use her. She's a wonderful actress… that was just a social dinner.”More

Lindsay Lohan's workplace gets a union checkup
posted by admin on 22 Jun 2012

Two Hollywood unions are scrutinizing Lindsay's TV movie "Liz & Dick" after the actress tweeted that she was exhausted because of long production days.

That would be too much Liz and not enough Dick. More

Lindsay Lohan worried about The Canyons nude scenes
posted by admin on 15 Jun 2012

Lindsay Lohan is worried about shooting nude scenes in 'The Canyons'.

It was announced earlier this week the troubled actress is to appear opposite a male porn star in the film - about five twentysomethings' quest for power, love, sex and success in modern Hollywood - but she is cautious about appearing naked.More

Lindsay Lohan OK after hotel-room scare
posted by admin on 15 Jun 2012

Fresh concern arose for Lindsay Lohan when a Los Angeles TV reporter tweeted that a 411 call this morning indicated she had been found unresponsive in a Marina del Ray hotel room. But TMZ then reported that paramedics found nothing wrong with the actress, who is filming the Lifetime TV movie Liz and Dick, this time, and did not take her to the hospital.


Lindsay Lohan is just fine, despite reports of hospitalization
posted by admin on 15 Jun 2012

Cool your jets, everyone! Despite reports on Friday that Lindsay Lohan was found unconscious, rushed to the hospital and even possibly deceased, the actress is alive and well and shooting a movie in Los Angeles.


Lindsay Lohan lied about car accident, probation could be revoked
posted by admin on 12 Jun 2012

Police say Lindsay Lohan lied to officials about not being behind the wheel in her Friday car accident and, as a result, her probation could be revoked, TMZ reports.

Lohan, 25, was briefly hospitalized Friday after her Porsche slammed into an 18-wheeler on the Pacific Coast Highway on Friday. When she was in the hospital, Lohan told Santa Monica police that she was a passenger in the car and that her assistant was driving. However, her assistant later told police that Lohan was driving at the time of the wreck.More

posted by admin on 09 Jun 2012


Lindsay Lohan back filming after car wreck
posted by admin on 09 Jun 2012

Lindsay Lohan emerged uninjured from a collision with a dump truck on a coastal highway near Los Angeles, returning to the set of her new movie hours after the accident left her sports car crumpled.

Santa Monica Police Sgt. Richard Lewis said there was no sign Lohan was impaired at the time of Friday's accident and said his agency would continue to investigate who was at fault in the wreck. The truck's driver was uninjured and that driver also showed no signs of driving under the influence, Lewis said.More

Actress Lindsay Lohan has car accident
posted by admin on 09 Jun 2012

Actress Lindsay Lohan had a car accident on her way to the set Friday, briefly sending her to a hospital as a precaution, her publicist says.

Lohan, 25, was taken to the UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, California, and was released less than two hours later, Steve Honig said in a statement.More

Lindsay Lohan OK after car crash
posted by admin on 09 Jun 2012

Lindsay Lohan emerged uninjured from a collision with a dump truck on a coastal highway near Los Angeles on Friday, returning to the set of her new movie hours after the accident left her sports car crumpled.

Santa Monica Police Sgt. Richard Lewis said there was no sign Lohan was impaired at the time of the accident and said his agency would continue to investigate who was at fault in the wreck. The truck's driver was uninjured and that driver also showed no signs of driving under the influence, Lewis said. More

Lindsay Lohan totaled her rented Porsche, of course
posted by admin on 08 Jun 2012

Lindsay Lohan took her comeback and crashed right into the back of an 18-wheeler Friday afternoon.

The starlet, who may or may not need to retake driver’s ed, ran her black Porsche — that is reportedly a rental — into the truck on the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica, Calif., TMZ reports.More

Lindsay Lohan OK after wreck on coastal highway
posted by admin on 08 Jun 2012

In this May 9, 2012 photo shows actress Lindsay Lohan at the A&E Networks 2012 Upfront at Lincoln Center in New York. Lohan will star as Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming Lifetime TV movie "Liz & Dick." Police in Santa Monica, Calif., say Lohan was involved in a car accident on Pacific Coast Highway around 11:45 a.m. Friday and that an investigation is ongoing. (AP Photo/Starpix, Kristina Bumphrey, file)


Lindsay Lohan OK after wreck on coastal highway
posted by admin on 08 Jun 2012

Lindsay Lohan emerged uninjured from a collision with a dump truck on a coastal highway near Los Angeles on Friday, returning to the set of her new movie hours after the accident left the sports car she was driving crumpled.

Lindsay Lohan emerged uninjured from a collision with a dump truck on a coastal highway near Los Angeles on Friday, returning to the set of her new movie hours after the accident left the sports car she was driving crumpled.More

Lindsay Lohan hospitalized after car crash 10 Struggling actress involved in collision with 18-wheeler
posted by admin on 08 Jun 2012

LOS ANGELES - Actress Lindsay Lohan was taken to a hospital on Friday after crashing her Porsche into an 18-wheel truck on a Southern California highway, celebrity news website TMZ reported.

Police confirmed Lohan was involved in the accident but had no further details about her condition or the wreck. TMZ said she was not seriously injured and was taken to a hospital as a precaution.More

posted by admin on 05 Jun 2012


Lohan rides waves
posted by admin on 05 Jun 2012

Artist Richard Phillips will unveil a short film starring Lindsay Lohan at Art Basel in Switzerland next week. Called “First Point,” the surfing movie was shot in Malibu, and — although Phillips says LiLo was steady on set — the hard-core hanging-10 was left to pro surfer and stunt double Kassia Meador. “Lindsay [was] very athletic and very eager to go surfing,” Phillips told us. “She’s a determined beginner. She [had] the necessary ‘go for it’ attitude.”


Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor: See the first official photo
posted by admin on 05 Jun 2012

Here’s the first official photo of Lindsay Lohan in character as Elizabeth Taylor, with Grant Bowler as Richard Burton, from the set of the Lifetime movie “Liz & Dick.” Let’s talk about it.

That’s not a bad likeness, don’t you think? Of course, there are several factors to consider here: Primarily, that it was taken in a controlled environment and could have undergone editing.More

Whoa, mama! Dina Lohan to mentor young talent on Broadway reality show 'DramaMamas'
posted by admin on 04 Jun 2012

Despite the public tumbles the actress has taken, including rehab stints, jail time and more court appearances than film roles in recent years, there’s at least one person out there who thinks kids should follow her lead: her mom, Dina.


Lindsay Lohan Don't I Look JUST Like Liz Taylor?
posted by admin on 04 Jun 2012

Lindsay Lohan is all dressed up and ready to take on the role of a lifetime -- and TMZ has obtained the first of photo of LiLo in full Liz Taylor wardrobe ... as she gets set to start filming her new movie.


Lindsay Lohan takes part in a sponsored 'wear all your clothes' day in New York
posted by admin on 03 Jun 2012

The good news is, she raised a lot of money, with the addition of sunglasses helping her out. Ok ok, this isn't true


Check Out a First Look at Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor
posted by admin on 03 Jun 2012

The 25-year-old actress began pre-production on the new Lifetime film Liz & Dick, which will follow the roller-coaster relationship between Taylor and Richard Burton (Grant Bowler), who were married and divorced twice. TMZ.com snapped a few shots of Lohan during a smoke break. Check them out here.


Lindsay Lohan Begins Shooting Elizabeth Taylor Biopic Next Week—"She Is More Than Ready," Says Executive Producer
posted by admin on 03 Jun 2012

E! News has learned exclusively that Lindsay Lohan has completed a week of rehearsals for her upcoming comeback role as Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime movie Liz & Dick, with shooting scheduled to begin on Monday in Los Angeles.


Reports Lindsay Lohan's dad has stroke
posted by admin on 28 May 2012

Lindsay Lohan's father thought he was 'having a stroke' at the gym.

Michael Lohan, 52, was rushed to hospital this week when he started to feel extreme pain while her was exercising.More

LiLo finds her Richard Burton
posted by admin on 28 May 2012

Lindsay Lohan finally has a Richard Burton, but it isn't Gerard Butler as she had hoped.

Deadline reports that actor Grant Bowler has been cast in the Lifetime movie “Liz & Dick,” about Elizabeth Taylor's turbulent relationship with Burton, who she married twice. While Lohan has long been set to play Taylor, producers of the film have had a hard time finding their Burton for the movie which begins shooting in just nine days.More

Lindsay Lohan Unhappy With Casting Choices For Richard Burton
posted by admin on 23 May 2012

Lindsay Lohan is extremely unhappy with the casting choices of the male actors who have auditioned for the role of Richard Burton in the Elizabeth Taylor Lifetime biopic, and filming is scheduled to begin in just a few weeks, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

As we previously reported, the decision to cast Lohan as the screen icon has drawn criticism from Rosie O'Donnell who recently said, More

Lindsay Lohan Looking for Richard Burton: Who Could Star Opposite Her
posted by admin on 23 May 2012

As Lindsay Lohan prepares to play screen legend Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming biopic, speculation has grown about which actor will play Richard Burton. In the movie "Liz and Dick," the role of Taylor's two-time ex-husband is going to be a big one, and apparently LiLo is not happy with the current choices.


Lindsay Lohan's Elizabeth Taylor Biopic: Still No Dick, but "Very Close"
posted by admin on 23 May 2012

Lindsay Lohan may be more than ready to step into her role as Elizabeth Taylor, but there's one big problem with production (and it has nothing to do with LiLo's off-set antics).

Although filming for the Elizabeth Taylor Lifetime biopic, Liz & Dick, is set to begin June 4, executive producer Larry Thompson tells E! News that the role of Richard Burton still has not been cast.More

posted by admin on 15 May 2012


Lohan’s a‘muse’ing interlude
posted by admin on 15 May 2012

Lindsay Lohan made an unexpected demure appearance at the VC Gallery at Dream Downtown for artist Domingo Zapata’s “Life Is a Dream Exhibition” Thursday night. The actress —


Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson Spark Dating Rumors In NYC
posted by admin on 07 May 2012

I’m starting to think that Lindsay Lohan and DJ to the stars, Samantha Ronson, were meant to be together.

After all, the two have been on-again/off-again since 2007. The couple dated steadily from 2007-2009, rekindled their romance again in 2011, and now, reportedly, the duo are back on. More

Lindsay Lohan's Dinner Date With Woody Allen—What Does It Mean?!
posted by admin on 07 May 2012

It's far too soon to tell, but you never know! Especially since Lindsay Lohan—who, of course, is set to channel Elizabeth Taylor in Liz & Dick—was spotted leaving Philippe restaurant in Manhattan over the weekend with four-time Academy Award winner Woody Allen.

So what does the seemingly odd pairing mean?! More

From Lindsay Lohan to Kim Kardashian: Who was the sexiest celeb at the White House Correspondents' Dinner?
posted by admin on 30 Apr 2012

Ever think you'd hear President Obama and Lindsay Lohan mentioned in the same sentence? Neither did we. But Lohan attended the 98th Annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner on Saturday night and managed to show up Kate Upton and Kim Kardashian!


Lindsay Lohan's Camp Responds to Alleged Assault Incident
posted by admin on 17 Apr 2012

It's been barely two weeks since Lindsay Lohan's probation ended, but the star is already embroiled in a nasty flap after a woman accused LiLo of shoving her at a nightclub.

The woman has since filed a battery complaint against Lohan, but the star's camp is speaking out to air LiLo's side of the story… More

Lindsay Lohan Still Not Officially Signed For Elizabeth Taylor Biopic
posted by admin on 17 Apr 2012

Lindsay Lohan still hasn't officially signed the contract to star in the Lifetime Elizabeth Taylor biopic, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

As previously reported, producers for the movie are concerned because Lindsay is being investigated for allegedly assaulting Marisa Dugas at The Standard Hotel in West Hollywood almost two weeks ago. The actress claims she was at home watching television when the incident allegedly occurred, even though three people – including the accuser — have now filed police reports.More

Lindsay Lohan Celebrates Freedom at Chateau Marmont
posted by admin on 01 Apr 2012

Earlier in the day, a judge had signed off on the end of Lohan's longer-than-originally-planned term of probation for various run-ins with the law starting all the way back in 2007.


Lindsay Lohan planning dinner to celebrate end of formal probation
posted by admin on 30 Mar 2012

Lindsay Lohan will not be going to Disney World if a judge decides today that her probation is over, as is expected. The actress says that she plans to celebrate her newfound freedom with a low-key dinner with sister Aliana Lohan.


Lindsay Lohan's troubled timeline
posted by admin on 30 Mar 2012

Lindsay Lohan's convoluted path through the legal system, which began with a drunken driving arrest nearly five years ago, reached a resolution Thursday as a judge ended her formal felony probation.

The actress' struggle with drugs and alcohol sent her to five rehab facilities for a total of 250 days since January 2007. More

Lindsay Lohan Images
posted by admin on 30 Mar 2012


Lindsay Lohan gets her freedom back
posted by admin on 30 Mar 2012

The actress hugged her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley yesterday following her court victory, marking the end of her sentence imposed after she was caught drink-driving in 2007.

Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner's ruling means Lindsay will no longer need to appear in court or report to a probation officer.More

Lindsay Lohan says she did not ‘scrape’ man with her car
posted by admin on 15 Mar 2012

With less than two weeks to go until her probation effectively ends, Lindsay Lohan has been accused of grazing a man’s knee with her car, then driving away. The actress called the accusation as a “complete lie” on Twitter.

Police told the Associated Press that paparazzi surrounded Lohan’s car outside of a Hollywood club early Wednesday, as she attempted to drive away. More

Lindsay Lohan returns with 'SNL,' Liz Taylor film
posted by admin on 07 Mar 2012

Lindsay Lohan returned to center stage this weekend, but her jail time, rehab stints, drunk-driving and shoplifting convictions followed her as she hosted NBC's "Saturday Night Live."

Lohan's movie career resumes soon, as well. She'll portray film legend Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime movie "Liz & Dick," which starts production in Vancouver, Canada, at the start of May, according to a source familiar with her plans.More

Lindsay Lohan on ‘SNL’: Mixed reviews
posted by admin on 07 Mar 2012

Lindsay Lohan returned as host of “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, launching what many perceive as an attempt to return to Hollywood following stints at rehab and court for drug and alcohol related issues. Whether or not it will help the actress land future roles is still up for debate.


Lindsay Lohan on ‘Today’: ‘I learned how to live my life in a way that I’m happy’
posted by admin on 02 Mar 2012

Lindsay Lohan insisted during a pre-taped interview with the “Today” show’s Matt Lauer that the very public troubles that have defined her life over the past few years are behind her.

The actress said that she realized her life was going the wrong way in the past year and a half. During that time period, Lohan has spent time in jail and under house arrest and has made many court appearances for charges from a DUI and theft case. More

Lindsay Lohan says morgue job was 'humbling'
posted by admin on 02 Mar 2012

Lindsay Lohan says she has grown up and become something of a homebody after her well-publicized legal trouble.

Lohan gave the interview with Matt Lauer on "Today" in advance of hosting "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, marking a comeback of sorts for the promising young actress whose career was sidelined by substance abuse problems, family drama and tabloid headlines. More

Lindsay Lohan: ‘Hard to believe she’s 25!’
posted by admin on 24 Feb 2012

The lights appear to be turning green for troubled actress Lindsay Lohan these days, with her Saturday Night Live hosting gig set for March 3, and praise this week from the judge overseeing her progress in her drunk driving case.

But some yellow caution lights are popping up, too — from plastic surgeons. Some say she should put the brakes on any cosmetic procedures and get a smart skin care regimen going. Now. More

Lindsay Lohan pleases judge on "home stretch" of probation
posted by admin on 24 Feb 2012

Actress Lindsay Lohan got high marks from a Los Angeles judge at her penultimate progress hearing on Wednesday, as she entered the "home stretch" of her probation after being convicted for theft last year.

"The probation officer is pleased with your progress. You seem to be getting your life back on track and that's what we all hoped for," Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner told Lohan.More

Lindsay Lohan: I'm 'Only Going Up, Up, Up From Here'
posted by admin on 22 Feb 2012

Lindsay Lohan wants her fans to know she's focused and she's back.

On Tuesday evening, the actress hit her Twitter page, responding to fans who sent her well wishes, including congratulating her on news Access Hollywood's Billy Bush first broke on Monday - she's scored the role of Liz Taylor in the Lifetime TV movie "Liz and Dick." More

Lindsay Lohan in Talks for Liz Taylor Role
posted by admin on 22 Feb 2012

Lindsay Lohan’s probation should end next month, clearing the way for the actress to revive her acting career possibly playing Elizabeth Taylor in a made-for-TV movie.

Lohan appears in court Wednesday for a judge to check her progress, but she’s gotten glowing probation reports for the last two months. More

Lindsay Lohan to host SNL
posted by admin on 21 Feb 2012

Lindsay Lohan's career, interrupted by frequent trips to court, jail and rehab, may be entering a brighter phase as the actress hosts "Saturday Night Live" and her probation restrictions end next month.

"SNL! I love @NBC !!!!!!!!!!!!!" Lohan tweeted after the NBC show revealed in an on-air promo and Twitter posting that she would host its March 3 episode. More

Pop Tarts Hugh Hefner hints at another Lindsay Lohan Playboy spread
posted by admin on 17 Feb 2012

Lindsay Lohan may not be entertaining high-profile movie deals like she once was, but it seems the troubled actress may have found her niche: naked on the pages of Playboy.

Lohan, 25, channeled her icon Marilyn Monroe for the cover of the men’s magazine last December, and while the highly-anticipated issue was leaked online and thus forced to hit newsstands earlier than anticipated, it was apparently still quite the moneymaker. More

Lindsay Lohan ages self at amfAR Gala
posted by admin on 12 Feb 2012

While Lindsay Lohan was on the younger end of the age spectrum of those making an appearance at last night's amfAR Gala, one certainly wouldn't know it by looking at her. The "Mean Girls" actress looked far older than 25 as she posed for photos on the red carpet of the gala, held at Cipriani Wall Street.


Lohan goes for gold at gala
posted by admin on 12 Feb 2012

Lindsay Lohan tried to persuade a wealthy patron to bid on an expensive gift for her in the auction at the star-studded amfAR benefit Wednesday night.

The gala, hosted by Sarah Jessica Parker, raised more than $1.4 million for AIDS research at Cipriani Wall Street, and brought out stars including Jennifer Hudson, Elizabeth Hurley and Linda Evangelista. More

People: Ouch! Ex-neighbors cheer Lindsay Lohan's moving out
posted by admin on 04 Feb 2012

Lindsay Lohan's former Venice Beach neighbors are celebrating her move from the area.

She recently moved to the Chateau Marmont in L.A., much to their relief.More

Lindsay Lohan sued over alleged Maserati incident
posted by admin on 26 Jan 2012

Lindsay Lohan has been sued by a woman who claims the actress hit her with a Maserati while she was crossing the street in September 2010. Lohan’s rep told the Associated Press he hasn’t seen the lawsuit and couldn’t comment.


Lindsay Lohan A Revealing Shopping Trip
posted by admin on 23 Jan 2012

Lindsay Lohan and her left nipple did a little shopping yesterday, hitting up the jewelry store XIV Carats in Beverly Hills.


Lindsay Lohan Won't Let Her Legal Woes Prevent Filming Liz
posted by admin on 19 Jan 2012

Lindsay Lohan isn't going to let Canada's strict policy of non-citizens convicted of crimes deter her plans from filming the Elizabeth Taylor Lifetime TV movie in the Maple State, and her lawyer is already working fastidiously to ensure that when the actress formally accepts the role in the next week, the actress will be allowed entry into the country, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.


Lindsay Lohan Receives Positive Feedback During Court Appearance
posted by admin on 18 Jan 2012

Okay guys, I'm calling it: 2012 is going to be Lindsay Lohan's year. No more arrests, no more shoplifting, no more DUI charges - she's going to stay clean and sober (although I may be stretching it a little bit with that one). But whether you believe me or not, things are already starting to look up for the actress. Lindsay appeared in court earlier this morning for another progress hearing with regard to her probation and she received yet another glowing report from Judge Stephanie Sautner.


Lindsay Lohan scores the FCUK fragrance ad campaign!
posted by admin on 15 Jan 2012

Atlanta Lindsay Lohan fans, the latest buzz on the 25-year-old actress, whose modeling career is really taking off, is that she is the face of the FCUK fragrance ad campaign.

Yes folks, Lindsay Lohan has scored yet another modeling spot, with so many to her credit already within the past year!More

Lindsay Lohan is in talks with Lifetime
posted by admin on 15 Jan 2012

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly opened discussions with Lifetime to take on the role of the late screen legend in TV movie 'Elizabeth & Richard: A Love Story,' which will focus on Taylor's tempestuous romance with actor Richard Burton, according to Deadline.com.

The project is set to be produced by Larry Thompson and is being written by Christopher Monger. More

Lindsay Lohan’s Sexy Yet Refined Pictorials for Philipp Plein, FCUK, Jag Jeans [PHOTOS]
posted by admin on 12 Jan 2012

indsay Lohan made headlines when she shed her clothes for a highly-anticipated Playboy, released in December. Some may have scoffed at her decision to go nude, and dubbed it the actress' downfall. But Lohan's newest pictorials display a sexy, refined side of the troubled actress. Is she poised for a comeback?

On Tuesday, La Lohan's ad campaign for German designer Philipp Plein was released. More

Lindsay Lohan Sideswiped by Two-Year-Old Complaint
posted by admin on 11 Jan 2012

Before she ever gets to play Elizabeth Taylor, Lindsay Lohan will have to recreate a role she knows all too well: Defendant.

The starlet has been sued by a paparazzo who claims that, two years ago, he was taking photos of her and then got hit by the car she was riding in as it sped away from a Hollywood club.More

IRS After Lindsay Lohan for Failing to Pay Taxes
posted by admin on 11 Jan 2012

The IRS is cracking down on actress Lindsay Lohan.

The federal government says Lohan, 25, never paid her 2009 income taxes.More

Lindsay Lohan rests her head on a bearded man's lap in a sexy new fashion photoshoot.
posted by admin on 11 Jan 2012

The Mean Girls star, 26, hasn't had much to smile about lately, but she scrubs up beautifully in this ad campaign for German luxury designer Philipp Plein.

Flaunting her toned legs in a black dress, Lindsay, who is currently single, seductively leans into the model while gently draping a handbag over his knee. More

Lindsay Lohan
posted by admin on 10 Jan 2012



Lindsay Lohan to play Elizabeth Taylor?
posted by admin on 10 Jan 2012

(CBS) Lindsay Lohan channeled Marilyn Monroe for her recent Playboy pictorial, and now the actress' next role could be portraying another Hollywood legend.

Lohan is reportedly in "early talks" to play Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime movie about the screen icon's romance with Richard Burton. More

Lindsay Lohan's New Year's Day Trespasser Sentenced, Slapped With Restraining Order
posted by admin on 07 Jan 2012

Remember that guy who allegedly went to Venice, Calif., on New Year's Day to pay Lindsay Lohan a visit, but then wouldn't leave when she told him to get off her property?

Well, the 64-year-old who wanted to speak to LiLo was arrested and held on $1,000 bail. But now E! News can confirm that Lonnie Short has been convicted of trespassing and slapped with a restraining order. More

Wow! Lindsay Lohan Gets a Dramatic Style Makeover
posted by admin on 05 Oct 2011

Who's that girl?

Just days after she partied at a Paris nightclub and posed for pics in a plunging white minidress that More

Lindsay Lohan shocks in teeny-tiny shorts during Fashion Week in Paris
posted by admin on 05 Oct 2011

Lindsay Lohan covered her face as she walked through Paris Tuesday -- but what she should have been shielding was her backside.

The 25-year-old strutted her stuff in shorts so short they barely covered her cheeks. And when paired with a navy blue blazer, it looked like she had no bottoms on at all. More

Lindsay Lohan, Petra Ecclestone MIA on Fashion Week's Final Day
posted by admin on 16 Sep 2011

As Fashion Week comes to a close in New York City, there's still no shortage of shenanigans coming from the big names crawling the Big Apple.

Lindsay Lohan's front-row seat was empty at a runway show today, while the world's richest bride Petra Ecclestone begged for event tickets all week—and never appeared at any of them.More

Lindsay Lohan accused of throwing drink at photog during fashion week
posted by admin on 16 Sep 2011

London, Sept 16 : Actress Lindsay Lohan has sparked fresh controversy after allegedly hurling a drink over a photographer at a New York Fashion Week event on Wednesday

The ‘Mean Girls’ star was said to have become infuriated after Jasper Rischen took her photo at the fashion party hosted by V Magazine bosses, reports the Daily Express.More

Bloody night at Boom Boom
posted by admin on 16 Sep 2011

It was a bloodbath at the Top of the Standard when a Fashion Week partygoer fell on broken glass minutes after Lindsay Lohan pitched a drink at a photographer.

A female guest at the V magazine party in the hotel’s Boom Boom Room on Wednesday night fell onto a table as Carine Roitfeld, Mario Testino, Linda Evangelista, Mary-Kate Olsen, Courtney Love, Alexander Wang, Rose McGowan and Usher partied on.More

Ali Lohan's New Face Explained
posted by admin on 14 Sep 2011

After a new photo of Ali Lohan set off an Internet storm about her dramatic look, her rep says Lindsay Lohan's younger sister, who was recently signed to a modeling agency, did not go under the knife.


The latest on Charlie, Mel and Lindsay
posted by admin on 14 Sep 2011

It's been a bit since we checked in on Charmeliloland, that not-quite-of-this-world destination for all things Charlie Sheen/Mel Gibson/Lindsay Lohan.

It may have been a humbling summer what with his being replaced on Two and a Half Men and his rocky Violent Torpedo of Truth "concert" tour, but the fall is looking anything but precipitous for the once-golden boy.More

Spirit, no spirits
posted by admin on 13 Sep 2011

A Spirited Lindsay Lohan ended the weekend in style, arriving at Goldbar at 2 a.m. yesterday with Dream Hotel impresario Vikram Chatwal and a group of five other men. Taking over the banquette next to the DJ booth, the guys downed Champagne, tequila and vodka while Lohan --


Age, not a knife, changed Ali Lohan's face, her publicist says
posted by admin on 13 Sep 2011

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Recent photos of Lindsay Lohan's teenage sister sparked online speculation over the past week that the 17-year-old Ali Lohan changed her face, which her publicist denied Monday.

"Aliana has never had any type of plastic surgery in her life, nor has she ever considered it," siad her publicist, Steve Honig.More

Lindsay Lohan Nearly Caused A Riot At Cynthia Rowley Runway Show
posted by admin on 13 Sep 2011

We were still toasting in the glow of Nigel's hotness when, right before the lights went down, a platinum-and-orange waif in tiny trousers, massive shades, and hypnotically puffy lips burst forth from backstage, hustling to a front-row seat with ruthless efficiency (and several security guards)


Pitbull Shocked By LiLo Lawsuit I Was Trying to Keep Her Relevant
posted by admin on 25 Aug 2011

Rapper Pitbull thinks Lindsay Lohan should be thanking him -- not suing him -- for including her name in his hit song, "Give Me Everything" ... claiming he thought the shout-out would HELP her career.


Lindsay Lohan Copies Pippa Middleton at Kardashian Wedding
posted by admin on 25 Aug 2011

With her mom Dina and sister Ali at her side, Lindsay Lohan was among the bevy of celebrity guests at Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' Saturday wedding in Montecito, Calif.


Lindsay Lohan Poses With Bloody Knife For Tyler Shields Shoot
posted by admin on 16 Aug 2011

Once again we find our Lindsay Lohan in a compromising position. If it's not drugs, it's alcohol, and apparently if it's not alcohol it's...murder?!


Lindsay Lohan Jets to New York, but Not Before Getting Her Act Together
posted by admin on 15 Aug 2011

Lindsay Lohan didn't forget anything before she left for New York, did she?

Well, who knows what was on her packing list, but at least the actress checked something pretty darn important off of her to-do list.More

Lindsay Lohan Wave to the Nice Paparazzi
posted by admin on 15 Aug 2011

Her small town blues are clearly melting away.


Lindsay back on wrong foot
posted by admin on 03 Aug 2011

Lindsay Lohan is back to what she does best, partying late and falling over in public, according to spies at LA's Chateau Marmont. Fresh off her all-weekend party with Paris Hilton, La Lohan was back in vintage form at the celebrity hangout on Monday night. A witness told us, "She was in the bathroom and told her friend, 'Oh, my God, do you think everyone saw me fall flat on my face? I hate myself.' Then she stepped on my foot so hard."


Samantha Ronson, DJ and Lohan ex, arrested for DUI
posted by admin on 03 Aug 2011

(CBS) - Samantha Ronson, the ex-girlfriend of actress Lindsay Lohan, was arrested Monday morning on suspicion of driving under the influence outside of Baker, Calif., according to a report.

The 33-year-old DJ was on her way home from a late-night show at the Palazzo hotel in Las Vegas. According to police, she was pulled over in her Porsche near Baker, over 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles, at 9:48 a.m. by the California Highway Patrol, reports E!More

Lindsay Lohan Vows To Get Healthy On A Bike
posted by admin on 31 Jul 2011

LiLo Hits The Bike Path!: Attention bike riders of Los Angeles, Lindsay Lohan is joining you! According to TMZ, the headline-making actress has vowed to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle with the help of her new bicycle. Check out LiLo out for a ride through LA on Thursday


Lindsay Lohan Parties With The Hilton Sisters And Brandon Davis
posted by admin on 31 Jul 2011

Lindsay Lohan hit the party scene -- again -- last night -- and RadarOnline.com has all the details.

Lohan, Nicky Hilton, and Lindsay's old nemesis Brandon Davis, started the night over dinner at Galdstones restaurant. More

posted by admin on 01 Jul 2011


A look back: Lindsay Lohan turns 25
posted by admin on 01 Jul 2011

Our gift to you on the eve of Lindsay Lohan's 25th birthday: Here are some of her most memorable moments in the spotlight - from her Hollywood debut in 1998 to her most recent courtroom appearance.


Lindsay Lohan Tops Week's Internet Hot List
posted by admin on 01 Jul 2011

Lindsay Lohan experienced a publicity-laden seven-day stretch en route to claiming the top spot on this week’s Gossip Center Hot 45 List.

The “Georgia Rule” actress dominated headlines thanks to her legal woes and a club excursion upon her first day of freedom after court-ordered house arrest. More

Lindsay Lohan Released From House Arrest: Is She Celebrating With a Party?
posted by admin on 01 Jul 2011

Things are looking up for Lindsay Lohan. The 24-year-old actress was released from her court-ordered house arrest on Wednesday after serving just 35 days of her four-month sentence, which she received for a probation violation stemming from her 2007 DUI arrest.

"She completed her home dentention today and she's now back under the supervision of the courts and probation," an L.A. County Sheriff's spokesman confirms to People. Although Lohan still has community service, psychological counseling and a Shoplifters Alternative program on her plate, she can now walk out of her Venice Beach, Calif.More

Happy 25th, Lindsay Lohan
posted by admin on 01 Jul 2011


Lindsay Lohan shoots Air NZ ad while under house arrest
posted by admin on 28 Jun 2011

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan has filmed a promotional clip with Air New Zealand while under house arrest - just hours before appearing in court for drinking.

Hollywood site TMZ reported Lohan, 24, spent Wednesday filming a sketch with Rico, the Kiwi airline's furry puppet mascot, at her Los Angeles apartment. More

Lindsay Lohan scores Sept cover of Vanity Fair
posted by admin on 28 Jun 2011

Everyone is still buzzing about Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz’s surprise wedding. Let the unsubstaniated pregnancy rumours commence

It’s a good news/bad news kind of day for Charlie Sheen. On the one hand, he lost his last official goddess. On the other, he gained a new TV show More

Lindsay Lohan's House Arrest Pays Off: Actress Shoots Commercial at Home
posted by admin on 21 Jun 2011

What does Lindsay Lohan do when she can't bring home the bacon?

She just makes the bacon in the house. More

Lindsay Lohan's monitoring bracelet goes off, but it's a malfunction
posted by admin on 03 Jun 2011

Lindsay Lohan's court-ordered electronic monitoring bracelet went off on Monday, forcing probation officials to pay the actress a visit at her Venice, Calif., home.

But when authorities arrived, Lohan, who is under house arrest, was found at her home watching TV and reading scripts, the Los Angeles Times reports. More

Lindsay Lohan Starts Home Detention
posted by admin on 31 May 2011

The troubled starlet has begun serving her stint under house arrest after surrendering this morning at Los Angeles' Lynwood Jail, L.A. Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore confirms to E! News.

According to Whitmore, the 24-year-old actress turned herself in at approximately 5:02 a.m. Loahn was then fitted with an ankle-monitoring bracelet after police determined she was eligible for the home detention programMore

Li-Lo the star of Venice art event
posted by admin on 31 May 2011

Lindsay Lohan is to star in the Venice Biennale art show - despite being under house arrest in Venice, California.

The Mean Girls actress - who has been fitted with an ankle monitor and is under house arrest for violating her probation in a 2007 drunken driving case - is the subject of a video by Gagosian Gallery artist Richard Phillips at the the the top contemporary art event which opens in Italy this week. More

Lindsay Lohan - Gotti Producer Praises Lindsay Lohan At Cannes
posted by admin on 14 May 2011

One of the producers behind Lindsay Lohan's upcoming mobster movie has confirmed the "talented and beautiful" actress is still onboard the Gotti biopic despite her looming prison sentence.

The Mean Girls star recently signed a two-picture agreement with Fiore Films, with her first role starring alongside John Travolta, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci in Gotti: Three Generations, based on the real-life crime family. More

Lindsay Lohan Faces House Arrest; How Bad Can It Be?
posted by admin on 11 May 2011

When you live in a cushy home or have a staff to cater to your every need, in-home detention or rehab doesn't sound so bad.

Lindsay Lohan faces the prospect of being confined to her home to serve a 120-day sentence for violating her 2007 drunk driving probation. She allegedly stole a $2,500 necklace. More

Paris Hilton apologizes to Lindsay Lohan for 'stealing' joke: 'It was thoughtless and unnecessary'
posted by admin on 09 May 2011

Lindsay Lohan needs to stop being so sensitive.

After Paris Hilton made a joke about about the actress' alleged necklace theft, Lohan reportedly whined that her former friend was "mean."More

LiLo 'needs to get it together'
posted by admin on 05 May 2011

"In Your Dreams” isn’t just the title of Stevie Nicks' first solo album in 10 years - it’s also what she’s saying to Lindsay Lohan, who reportedly wants to play the iconic Fleetwood Mac singer in a movie.

She's never going to,” Nicks told CNN. “That's never going to happen unless she cleans up her life and becomes the great actress I feel she can be. Everybody thinks I hate her, and it's not that at all.”More

Lindsay Lohan's jail-time prospects shrink
posted by admin on 05 May 2011

Lindsay Lohan's punishment on a necklace theft charge could mean as few as 14 days behind bars, or a little more time in home confinement, according to guidelines followed by the Los Angeles sheriff.

Getting the threat of jail time behind her could be important for Lohan's acting career, considering she's been cast in the "Gotti" movie set for production in October.More

Lindsay Lohan Goes Sheer For Community Service (PHOTOS)
posted by admin on 03 May 2011


Lindsay Lohan starts serving sentence at women's centre
posted by admin on 03 May 2011

After being ordered to complete 480 hours of community service, Lindsay Lohan knocked that down to 479 hours yesterday after going to orientation at the Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles, the Daily Mail reports.

Los Angeles Judge Stephanie Sautner had ordered Lohan to complete 360 of her 480 community service hours at the center, and Lohan showed up yesterday wearing a sheer black top.More

Lindsay Lohan to Work as Janitor at L.A. County Morgue
posted by admin on 27 Apr 2011

- Actress Lindsay Lohan's next role will be that of a janitor at the Los Angeles County coroner's office.

Judge Stephanie Sautner sentenced Lohan to 120 days in jail as well as 480 hours of community service for violating her probation from a 2007 drunk driving charge.More

Lindsay Lohan to Jay Leno: 'I've made a lot of poor decisions'
posted by admin on 27 Apr 2011

Actress Lindsay Lohan made her first TV appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" since spending five hours in jail last week for violating her probation

The 24-year-old taped her appearance on Monday, which aired on Tuesday, and was greeted with a standing ovation by the audience, according to the Associated Press. During the interview, Lohan admitted, "I've made a lot of poor decisions in the past and I'm dealing with the consequences of those decisions." More

Lindsay Lohan joins Gotti film -- will this be her comeback?
posted by admin on 23 Apr 2011

Lindsay Lohan will play Kim Gotti opposite John Travolta in the film Gotti: Three Generations, Variety reports.Lohan, 24, has also signed on to appear in the film Mob Street, which comes from the same production company as Gotti.

"We're very pleased to have Lindsay on-board for both of these films," Gotti producer Marc Fiore said in a statement. "She has been very enthusiastic about the Gotti project, and after resuming discussions with her, we were impressed by her commitment to the film and felt she would be a perfect Kim Gotti."More

Lindsay Lohan Posts $75,000 Bail
posted by admin on 23 Apr 2011

Lindsay Lohan, accused of stealing a necklace, spent five hours in custody before posting a $75,000 bond Friday evening after a judge sentenced her to 120 days in jail for violating her drunk driving probation.

Her release from Los Angeles County's Lynwood Correctional Facility capped a long day that included a victory for the actress when a judge reduced the felony grand theft charge to a misdemeanorMore

Lindsay Lohan Back in John Gotti Biopic
posted by admin on 22 Apr 2011

Lindsay Lohan signed a two-film deal on Wednesday with the producers of the upcoming John Gotti biopic -- just hours after they said she had been dumped from the project.

"We started the day [thinking] she was not going to be in the film and talks had broken down, and we ended the day with her signing a two-picture deal," Steve Honig, a spokesman for the film's production company Fiore Films, told entertainment website TheWrap.More

Lohan loses role
posted by admin on 22 Apr 2011

Lindsay Lohan has failed to win her dream role in Oliver Stone's new movie Savages, reportedly losing out to rival Blake Lively.

The troubled actress recently admitted she was keen to try out for a part in the upcoming drugs drama, touting it as a role she really wanted.More

Lindsay Lohan > Images
posted by admin on 22 Apr 2011


Lindsay Lohan sentenced to jail
posted by admin on 22 Apr 2011

A judge sentenced Lindsay Lohan to 120 days in jail on Friday for a probation violation after hearing evidence against the actress in a theft case.

Lohan's attorney, Shawn Holley, said she will appeal the ruling, which will allow the actress to post bail. More

Lindsay Lohan's Dad Campaigns Against Drink Driving
posted by admin on 18 Apr 2011

Lindsay Lohan's father Michael has thrown his support behind a campaign to stamp out drink driving just months after his actress daughter was ordered to attend counselling in rehab in connection with a previous Dui conviction.


Lawyer asks judge how much time Lohan would get if she pleads guilty
posted by admin on 18 Apr 2011

Lohan's lawyer asked the judge in her grand theft case just "how much time she'll get if she agrees to a guilty or no contest" plea, according to a new report.


Photos: Lindsay Lohan
posted by admin on 17 Apr 2011

Lindsay Lohan may not get a lot of work these days, which frees up plenty of time for photoshoots.


Was Lindsay Lohan Really Hiding in Her Closet From Dad Michael?
posted by admin on 17 Apr 2011

Another day, another dramatic incident in the life of Lindsay Lohan.

Following reports that the Mean Girls star fled to her closet and hid after her father Michael Lohan tried to see her at her home, Lindsay set the record straight to E! News More

Lindsay Lohan -- Coachella Baby
posted by admin on 17 Apr 2011

Lindsay Lohan was spotted walking out of the Coachella Music and Arts Festival last night ... looking less than enthused to see the paparazzi.


Lindsay Lohan Challenges Blake Lively for Film Roles
posted by admin on 17 Apr 2011

Actress Lindsay Lohan is getting serious about making a movie comeback, insisting she's keen to challenge Blake Lively for roles in two new movies.

Lohan, who is currently in talks to portray Victoria Gotti in the upcoming mob film Gotti: Three Generations, reveals she's particularly interested in going head to head with Lively to play a good witch in Oz: The Great & Powerful, opposite pal James Franco, and in Oliver Stone's latest film Savages. More

Victoria Gotti Picks Lindsay Lohan To Play Her In Gotti: Three Generations
posted by admin on 12 Apr 2011

When asked who she'd like to see play a younger version of herself in the biopic about her famous mobster father, Victoria Gotti picked Lindsay Lohan over Blake Lively and Sienna Miller, much to the delight of the producers.

The New Type Hollywood Wants To Date
It looks like Lindsay Lohan has a new love interest—hotelier and general richie richster Vikram Chatwal. Rumor has it that Chatwal flew LiLo to New York this week on his private jet and has her staying in the penthouse of one of his hotels.

Chatwal - who is divorcing his actress wife, Priya Sachdev - flew the ‘Mean Girls’ star into the city on his private jet and has been putting her up in the penthouse of his Chatwal Hotel on West 44th Street. The pair has repeatedly been seen together all over town. Sources close to Chatwal confirmed he's separated from Sachdev, that he recently broke up with model Esther Canadas and has been spending time with Lohan.

Lohan and Chatwal turned up at Don Hill's for the after-party for Uma Thurman's movie ‘Ceremony’, where the pair kept it low-key with owner Nur Khan.

But a source close to Lohan insisted, "They have a friendship and a business relationship, and that is it.” More

Lindsay Lohan's ex Samantha Ronson left battered and bruised
posted by admin on 12 Apr 2011

Lindsay Lohan's ex girlfriend, 34, was riding home from a gig at the Brig, a bar in Venice, California not far from her beach front home when she swerved to avoid an oncoming car and fell from her BMX bike into the road.

Lindsay clashes with Betty White
Troubled Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan had some harsh words coming to her from none other than tinseltown doyen Betty White. The 89-year-old 'Golden Girl' called Lohan "ungrateful" in a recent interview and the 25-year-old reacted by calling the unprovoked criticism "a bit strange", reported E! Online. "I cannot stand the people who get wonderful starts in show business, and who abuse it. Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen, for example, although there are plenty of others, too. They are the most blessed people in the world and they don't appreciate it," said White.

But Lohan said that the criticism came across as immature, especially from a "grown woman" like White. "I've always been a fan of hers. It's just a bit strange when people feel they must speak publicly about others. Especially a grown woman," said Lohan

Lindsay Offered Movie Role
posted by admin on 05 Apr 2011

Actress Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been offered the chance to play Roman Polanksi's wife Sharon Tate. Tate, star of "Valley of the Dolls" and "The Fearless Vampire Killers" was murdered (along with four others) by Charles Manson. She's also scheduled to audition for an unspecified part in the upcoming Zack Snyder Superman reboot!

Not Charged
posted by admin on 04 Apr 2011

The Riverside County District Attorney decided Tuesday not to prosecute Lohan for assaulting a Betty Ford Center employee in a Dec. 12 scuffle.

Father Is Hurt

Michael is hurt after hearing his daughter is considering dropping her last name.

Lindsay Is Dropping Her Last Name
posted by admin on 28 Mar 2011

Lindsay Lohan is dropping her last name and may soon be known as Lindsay Sullivan, using her mother's maiden name. The Irish American actress with roots in Cork is making the name change to distance herself from her father.

Lindsay Lohan's mother says the US actress is dropping her last name and will be known only as Lindsay, PopEater.com reported. "Lindsay is dropping the Lohan and just going by Lindsay," Dina Lohan told the celebrity Web.

The DJ, who enjoyed an on/off relationship with troubled Mean Girls actress Lindsay Lohan - was spotted in a passionate clinch with another woman in Los Angeles on Friday. Witnesses saw Ronson and the unnamed female arrive at the Melrose Mac.

Lindsay Lohan allegedly not worried about new legal problems
posted by admin on 28 Mar 2011

Hollywoodnews.com It was recently revealed that Lindsay Lohan's alleged battery case may be moving forward as an investigation is reportedly going on, but the actress is apparently feeling just fine about it all.

Lindsay Lohan enjoyed a relaxing weekend outing in Venice, California on Saturday (March 26). Sporting a bit of a Bohemian look, the "Mean Girls" starlet joined a male companion.

Lindsay Lohan is rubber and everyone else is glue -- because, once again, she feels her latest legal troubles will just bounce right off of her... this according to sources close to LiLo. As TMZ first reported.

Judging Lohans -- A Family Affair
posted by admin on 23 Mar 2011

Turns out Lindsay Lohan was just a warm-up act for her daddy at the Beverly Hills Courthouse, because Michael Lohan will go before the very same judge in the very same courtroom in which Lindsay appeared.

Lindsay Lohan's father was charged on Wednesday with assaulting his live-in girlfriend during an argument at their home, Los Angeles prosecutors said. Michael Lohan, 50, was picked up on a West Hollywood street on Monday night.

The trouble just does not seem to end for people close to Lindsay Lohan. Only a few short days after her father Michael was arrested on domestic violence charges shortly after appearing on "Celebrity Rehab," "Boardwalk Empire" star Paz de la Huerta was arrested late Tuesday night after getting into a tussle with
Lindsay Lohan's good friend at a night club in New York.

Lindsay Lohan parties her troubles away in NYC
posted by admin on 20 Mar 2011

Lindsay Lohan spent her week back in New York with stops at some of NYC's hottest clubs. Did she fall off the wagon...again? Guess Lindsay Lohan's version of "family time" includes lots of partying

Despite coming to town to spend some "quiet time" with her family, Lindsay Lohan was up all night partying with reality stars at the New York City's hottest nightspots. On Wednesday, Lohan hit the scene at The Lion before visiting two clubs.

Lindsay Lohan tones down her party girl image in NYC
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Lindsay Quit Smoking
posted by admin on 15 Mar 2011

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan has quit smoking and is reportedly trying to lead a healthier lifestyle since being released from rehab. The actress completed a three-month court-ordered programme at the Betty Ford rehabilitation clinic in January.

Lindsay Lohan departs with mother Dina and sister Ali from L. A. International Airport on Sunday (March 13). When the actress landed at JFK airport, she tweeted, “I love ny - but the paparazzi at jfk just gave me an anxiety attack.

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly decided to take care of some business and change her management team. Lindsay has reportedly decided to leave Creative Artist Agency and sign with International Creative Management.

lindsay Surveillance Video Photos On The Web
posted by admin on 08 Mar 2011

The jewelry store at the center of Lindsay Lohan's felony grand theft case is releasing surveillance video that allegedly shows Lohan stealing a $2500 necklace.

Despite the fact that Lindsay Lohan's lawyer, Shawn Holley, is trying to negotiate a plea deal with prosecutor Danette Meyers, Lindsay has told those closest to her that no matter what, she is not going back to jail.

Justin was not the only celebrity Miley spoofed for she also did Lindsay Lohan, and Stacy Ferguson aka Fergie. She played herself in a skit called "Disney Channel Acting School".

Lindsay ready to talk Plea Bargain
posted by admin on 04 Mar 2011

Lindsay Lohan's hot shot lawyer Shawn Holley is trying to work out a plea deal for Lilo that won't involve any jail time, but Danette Meyers from the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office won't budge.

Lindsay Lohan was reportedly turned away by the doormen when she arrived to attend a private post-Oscars party hosted by Madonna and Demi Moore at the weekend.

I cook every night," she said. "I cooked a butternut squash ravioli for my friends the other night, with like (sic) steamed artichoke. It's freeing, it's therapeutic for me."

Lindsay Lohan -- Stealing the Show on Oscar Night
posted by admin on 27 Feb 2011

Lindsay Lohan is only two steps removed from the Oscars -- and by "steps" we mean "time slots" -- because TMZ has learned she'll be a part of Jimmy Kimmel's big post-Oscar special.

Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan have signed a multimillion deal with Laughing in Purgatory Entertainment Inc (LiP Inc) to create the next generation of dysfunctional Hollywood royalty.

Actress turned hot mess Lindsay Lohan, has had a ton of press lately. All of it bad. From her arrests, parole violations, rehab stint, and now a grand theft jewelry charge, she's become a permanent fixture on tabloid TV.

indsay Lohan talking to ˜Extra"
posted by admin on 26 Feb 2011

“Extra” says it has landed the first interview with Lindsay Lohan since the actress left rehab.

The two-part chat with Jerry Penacoli will air next week. “Extra” can be seen at 4 p.m. weekdays on WKMG-Channel 6

“Extra” said the topics include Lohan’s “days in treatment” and “her fears for the future.” “Extra” also said Lohan takes the program “inside her new home in Los Angeles for a deeply personal and revealing conversation.”

Lindsay Lohan May Find Herself In Jail, According To Her Judge
posted by admin on 26 Feb 2011

Lindsay Lohan, who was released from rehab at the beginning of the year, is still in hot water over the $2500 necklace that she allegedly stole. When she went to court this past week, the judge stated that if Lohan accepted the DA’s plea bargain and pleads guilty or no contest, she would be sent to jail. Judge Keith L. Schwartz did not mince words when he told the 24-year-old actress that she would be treated like any member of the public during the trial

Lohan is standing trial for allegedly stealing $2,500 necklace from a jewelry shop in Venice last month. Lohan last appeared before the court two weeks ago and pleaded not guilty when the charge was read out to her. The case has been adjourned to 10th of March. Judges Schwartz handed the evidence from the prosecution to the attorney of the star for them to study it. Lohan could be sentenced to 3 years in jail if she is found guilty.

Lohan was 'too busy'
posted by admin on 16 Feb 2011

The Mean Girls star has pleaded not guilty to a charge of felony grand theft over allegations she stole the expensive piece from the Kamofie & Company shop in Venice, California last month.More

Lindsay Lohan -- Dawn Holland Is Lying for MONEY
posted by admin on 22 Jan 2011


Lindsay's Little Brother Wants To Follow In Her Footsteps -- Acting, Says Dina
posted by admin on 19 Jan 2011


Lindsay Lohan Passes Drug & Alcohol Tests
posted by admin on 19 Jan 2011

Lindsay Lohan has passed up to 10 random drug and alcohol tests in the two weeks after she left the Betty Ford Center, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

The 24-year-old Mean Girls star has had to submit to a series of spontaneous tests and has passed each one that she was forced to take so far, according to her father Michael. More

Trump turns down Lindsay Lohan for "Celebrity Apprentice"
posted by admin on 17 Jan 2011

Lindsay Lohan was rumored to be a part of this season's Celebrity Apprentice, but the Donald turned her down.

"(The Lohans) approached me, and we did talk about it. It's just not the right time," Donald Trump told Life & Style. "Lindsay has to straighten herself out first. And I know Dina, she's a really lovely woman. I don't think she gets very much credit — she's tried. I know Michael a little bit. It could happen in the future, but right now we need to see Lindsay get straightened out.More

Fired Betty Ford Clinic worker wants to meet with Lindsay Lohan
posted by admin on 17 Jan 2011

The former Betty Ford Clinic worker whose tussle with Lindsay Lohan got them both in trouble reportedly wants to meet with the troubled starlet to straighten things out. TMZ reports that Dawn Holland wants to get together with Lohan to apologize for the December events that got Holland fired and could land Lohan in legal trouble if the Palm Desert prosecutor decides to charge her with battery.


Lindsay Lohan off the hook for now after judge reviews rehab assault: report
posted by admin on 12 Jan 2011

The judge reviewing the case in connection to assault allegations brought against actress Lindsay Lohan has decided, for now, to take no action against the 24-year-old, Radar Online reported Wednesday.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elden Fox reviewed the investigation by the Palm Desert Police Department into Lohan's alleged use of drugs or alcohol during her three month rehab stay at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, Calif., and decided to not pursue the matter. More

Lindsay Lohan roots for Knicks at first post-rehab public appearance
posted by admin on 10 Jan 2011

Lindsay Lohan, who we have to admit is practically beaming, made her first public appearance since leaving rehab at Saturday's Knicks vs. Lakers game in L.A.


Lindsay Lohan's Post-Rehab Gift: a $25,000 Necklace
posted by admin on 10 Jan 2011

If the threat of more jail time doesn't keep Lindsay Lohan straight, maybe this will.

Looking happy and healthy, the recently rehabbed starlet, 24, showed off some heart-shaped bling around her neck in L.A. Friday morning – a sort of keep-up-the-good-work gift. More

Lindsay Lohan, Sam Ronson have 'friendly' dinner date
posted by admin on 10 Jan 2011

After everything that's gone on during their long and tumultuous friendship, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are still in each other's lives.

Lohan, who is navigating her way through life after rehab, moved into a house next door to Ronson's in Venice, California, when she left treatment. And Saturday night, the two neighbors broke bread at a nearby restaurant More

Lindsay Lohan didn’t drink or do drugs at rehab, lawyer says
posted by admin on 06 Jan 2011

LOS ANGELES—Lindsay Lohan’s attorney insists the 24-year-old actress didn’t drink alcohol or do drugs during her 90-day stint at the Betty Ford rehabilitation centre.

“I had numerous conversations with Betty Ford counsellors and doctors over the course of Lindsay’s treatment there and it was never suggested by anyone that she ever drank or used drugs,” Shawn Chapman Holley said in a statement Wednesday following Internet reports claiming Lohan was under the influence during an altercation with a rehab technician last month. More

Lindsay Lohan's first days of freedom
posted by admin on 06 Jan 2011

What exactly does one do upon being released from the Betty Ford Center after a court-ordered stay? Fair question, but what you should really be asking is: What would Lindsay Lohan do?

The 24-year-old star left the facility earlier this week, and reportedly one of the first things she did was head over to a posh hotel. RadarOnline posted video footage supposedly showing Lohan embracing her father and then her “Freaky Friday” co-star Jamie Lee Curtis at a Beverly Hills Four Seasons on Tuesday. More

Lindsay Lohan meets with 'second mother' Jamie Lee Curtis
posted by admin on 06 Jan 2011

The 'Machete' star completed a court-ordered 90-day stay at rehab clinic the Betty Ford Center this week and by chance ran into Hollywood actress Jamie -- who has been a support to her since they starred in the film 'Freaky Friday' together, according to Lindsay's father, Michael Lohan.

Michael, 50, said Jamie was "like a second mother" to his 24-year-old daughter and described their meeting as an "absolute coincidence". More

Lindsay Lohan May Have Violated Probation, Faces 180 Days in Jail
posted by admin on 04 Jan 2011

Lindsay Lohan can't seem to catch a break.

One day after she left the Betty Ford Center (and moved into a four-bedroom beach house next to ex Samantha Ronson), the 24-year-old actress faces the possibility of being sent to jail for 180 days. More

Lindsay Lohan may go back to jail
posted by admin on 04 Jan 2011

Sheriff's investigators want Lindsay Lohan charged with battery for last month's skirmish with a Betty Ford Center rehabilitation technician.

And Samantha Ronson wants her out of her neighborhood. More

Lohan's Dad on Daughter's Rehab Release
posted by admin on 03 Jan 2011

Chris Wragge talks to Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael Lohan about his daughter's impending release from rehab.


Lindsay Lohan free at last: report
posted by admin on 03 Jan 2011

VANCOUVER — A New Year holds new promise for our favourite once-upon-a-star, Lindsay Lohan: She's been sprung from rehab.

The joyous news is presented by the esteemed journal, radaronline.com, which is reporting that the original Mean Girl exited California's Betty Ford Center, where she was undergoing treatment. More

New Joan Collin’s comedy inspired by life of Lindsay Lohan
posted by admin on 02 Jan 2011

A new movie starring Joan Collins and Lydia Hearst is based on the troubled past of Lindsay Lohan. “Dogs in Pocketbooks” is based on Lohan’s past going in and out of jail and rehab.

Hearst will play the role of the young starlet while Collins will play her high-powered agent. Filming will begin in February.

Lindsay Lohan Launches Comeback Website
posted by admin on 02 Jan 2011

Lindsay Lohan's comeback plans are in full force. The actress is in the process of launching a new website, RadarOnline.com can report.

The expensively produced site is still in the 'Coming Soon' phase. It features sexy photos of the actress/designer with music from the Brit electro-pop group More

Lindsay Lohan to be moved to a secret location
posted by admin on 02 Jan 2011

Lindsay Lohan will be moved to a secret location with her mother when she leaves rehab next week.

The troubled actress -- who is due to complete a court-ordered treatment program at the Betty Ford clinic next week -- will not be returning to her West Hollywood home, and instead will be taken to a residence out of the public eye by her mother Dina and siblings Ali, 17, and 14-year-old Cody. More

Hearst to play LiLo in comedy
posted by admin on 28 Dec 2010

The life of troubled actress Lindsay Lohan has inspired the plot of a new comedy movie starring Joan Collins and Lydia Hearst.

Dogs in Pocketbooks is based on the Mean Girls star's colourful past, which has seen her in and out of jail and rehab over the last few years More

Parents defend Lohan
posted by admin on 23 Dec 2010

Lindsay Lohan’s father is adamant the actress is not to blame for an alleged altercation with a member of staff at a rehab clinic, claiming the employee "had it in for Lindsay" and snapped when the star was 10 minutes late after a trip to a hair salon.

Police in Palm Desert, California have launched an investigation after a worker at the Betty Ford clinic claimed to have been hurt in a dispute with Lohan on Dec. 12 More

LiLo gains some credibility
posted by admin on 23 Dec 2010

The gift that keeps on giving.

Yesterday, Tattle reported that police were investigating LiLo for battery after an alleged altercation with Betty Ford Clinic technician Dawn Holland. While anyone with a decent grasp of recent pop-culture history would put this on Lohan, it looks like Lindsay's cries of victimization may be true. More

Lindsay Lohan's Dad: Assault Charges Not True
posted by admin on 23 Dec 2010

Michael Lohan, father of actress Lindsay Lohan, defends his daughter over assault allegations.


Lindsay Lohan Shows Demi Lovato How It’s Done
posted by admin on 23 Dec 2010

While Lindsay Lohan's been locked up in rehab, 18-year-old Disney star and ex–Jonas brother paramour Demi Lovato has been making a bid for her throne. First there was the dancer Lovato allegedly assaulted and battered, then there was the "treament center" for "emotional and physical issues," and today a video emerged of someone who sorta looks like her inhaling a line of coke as long as the table. But Lindsay Lohan didn't get where she is (probation at the Betty Ford Center trying to avoid a second stint in jail) by taking this bad-girl-cry-for-help thing lightly.


Lindsay Lohan Claims She Drank Shirley Temples on Night of Altercation
posted by admin on 23 Dec 2010

As the story between Lindsay Lohan and former Betty Ford employee Dawn Holland unfolds, the actress claims that she was not intoxicated on the night of their alleged altercation and was rather drinking innocent Shirley Temples beforehand.

According to TMZ, Lindsay had been drinking the non-alcoholic drink while getting her hair done in Palm Springs with friends before arriving back at her rehab center around 1 a.m. More

Center's Lohan leaker loses her job
posted by admin on 23 Dec 2010

Dawn Holland, the Betty Ford Center chemical-dependency tech who leaked news that Lindsay Lohan had allegedly attacked her after getting drunk with her roommates, has been given the sack - and a sackload of dough.


Lindsay Lohan 'beyond upset' to be named one of 2010's most 'provocative' celebrities
posted by admin on 14 Dec 2010

The 24-year-old actress' holiday spirit has been dampened after HLN's "Showbiz Tonight" named her one of the most provocative celebrities of 2010 - a title that Lohan reportedly found to be a dishonor.

Sources close to the starlet, who is currently residing in a sober living house, told TMZ.com that she was "beyond upset" to be featured on the list, which was announced Dec. 7. More

Lindsay Lohan -- Oops, My Top's Down!
posted by admin on 09 Dec 2010

Watch out world ... Lindsay Lohan is finally back behind the wheel of a car

TMZ has obtained the first photos of Lindsay's big return to the driver's seat -- taken yesterday in Rancho Mirage, CA. More

Lindsay Lohan is NOT in talks to do 'Dancing with the Stars' despite online rumors
posted by admin on 09 Dec 2010

No dancing for me? Reps for Lindsay Lohan claim the troubled starlet won't be taking part in 'Dancing with the Stars' despite numerous online reports

Lindsay Lohan could use a comeback, but will it take "Dancing with the Stars" for the former Disney starlet to cha-cha her way back to the A-list?More

Lindsay Lohan's Stunning & Healthy Look
posted by admin on 29 Nov 2010

Lindsay Lohan looked smoking hot as she checked into an alcohol counseling meeting Sunday at Westfield Mall in Palm Springs, California, as these RadarOnline.com photos reveal.

The rehabbing actress wore a sophisticated cardigan and t-shirt with dark jeans and knee high boots.More

Lindsay Lohan 'has plenty of work offers'
posted by admin on 29 Nov 2010

Despite a turbulent year for the acting star, producers linked to Lindsay Lohan insist that she has received several scripts in recent months.

Lohan, who is currently serving a three-month court ordered stint at the Betty Ford clinic in California was dropped recently from her role of Linda Loveface in "Inferno". More

Lindsay Lohan -- Advanced Retail Therapy
posted by admin on 28 Nov 2010

Lindsay Lohan is a day late on Black Friday -- she hit up an outlet mall today located about 30 miles west of the Betty Ford Center.


Lindsay Lohan's holiday surprise
posted by admin on 26 Nov 2010

Lindsay Lohan had something to be thankful for this year: her freedom — if only for a day.

According to TMZ, the oft-troubled star was issued a day pass from the Betty Ford Center to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family in Los Angeles — including her father, Michael Lohan, who until recently was estranged from his daughter. More

If Michael and Dina Lohan get therapy, it could help Lindsay Lohan's recovery
posted by admin on 26 Nov 2010

Lilo's parents should be in treatment, too.

The team taking care of Lindsay Lohan at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, Calif., says the battling couple needs to work on their animosity toward each other with family counseling, according to RadarOnline.com. More

Lindsay Lohan -- On the Road Again
posted by admin on 24 Nov 2010

The L.A. County Probation Department and officials at the Betty Ford clinic signed off this morning, so Lindsay can drive just like us.

And speaking of just like us ... we're told Lindsay is not getting special treatment. The folks at Betty Ford routinely allow people "at Lindsay's care and treatment level" the right to hit the roadMore

Lindsay Lohan -- Hunting for a New Crib
posted by admin on 19 Nov 2010

Lindsay Lohan is finally ready to make a change ... when it comes to her living arrangements in Los Angeles.

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay believes her current apartment in West Hollywood is too accessible to fans, friends and paparazzi -- and she feels she needs a place that will afford her more privacy. More

Dina Lohan "Disappointed" In "Glee"
posted by admin on 19 Nov 2010

An attorney for Dina Lohan is speaking out regarding Tuesday's episode of "Glee," which featured guest-star Gwyneth Paltrow mocking Lindsay Lohan's multiple trips to rehab.

"Dina Lohan and her three other children are very sadly disappointed with the ['Glee'] writers, and also disappointed that a huge celebrity such as Gwyneth Paltrow, would relay such a message about a contemporary," Stephanie Ovadia, attorney for Dina Lohan and her children, told Access Hollywood on Thursday.More

Lindsay Lohan gets CHP escort as paparazzi give chase during return to Betty Ford
posted by admin on 17 Nov 2010

A LITTLE HELP FOR LOHAN: You have to feel for Lindsay Lohan, who for the last few weeks has been receiving treatment at the Betty Ford Clinic. Lohan left the facility for a short meeting with a producer about a upcoming film, and the paparazzi were waiting for her. She actually got an escort from the California Highway Patrol for part of her return to Palm Springs from West Hollywood, according to WeHo Daily: "She had a bit of help from the CHP on her way back to Betty Ford in the desert. The paparazzi didn’t get much footage of her on the freeway, but they did capture a CHP unit up ahead running a traffic break to keep them at a safe distance and to allow her to gain some distance ahead of them."


Lindsay Lohan wants to go home for Christmas:
posted by admin on 17 Nov 2010

Lindsay Lohan plans to seek permission from the Betty Ford Center in southern California to travel to Long Island, NY, to be with her family for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Lohan wants to spend her holidays with her family, but sources told TMZ that she is "completely committed" to her treatment at the rehab center and understands that it might not allow her to leave.More

Lindsay's Mom and Siblings Angry At 'Glee'
posted by admin on 17 Nov 2010

On the show, Gwyneth Paltrow played a Spanish teacher whose classroom lesson included the following: "Lindsey [sic] Lohan is totally crazy, right?" And, Gwyneth quizzed the class in Spanish, "How many times has Lindsay Lohan been to rehab?"

We're told Dina is saying, "Shame on them," and the family feels it was "tasteless." More

Critics Slam Dina Lohan for Producing Film With Young Son Playing Heroin Addict
posted by admin on 17 Nov 2010

LOS ANGELES – If the Lohan family wasn’t already overwhelmed by the issue of drug addiction, Pop Tarts has confirmed that mom Dina Lohan is set to produce a film in which her son, Michael Lohan Jr. will star as a heroin user – all while her eldest daughter Lindsay completes her fifth stint in rehab in an effort to overcome substance abuse.

As first reported by TMZ, Dina is said to be very “excited” that her production company, Defiant Pictures, is going ahead with “Growing Defiant” – a feature film surrounding a group of teen heroin addicts, with 23-year-old Michael Lohan as the lead.More

Daily links: Lindsay Lohan gets photo shoot gig; will work with Ford clinic's blessing
posted by admin on 13 Nov 2010

Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan is planning to do a big photo shoot next week, with the blessing of her counselors at the Betty Ford Clinic. TMZ reports that the photo shoot is for a magazine, and will take place in Palm Springs, Calif. Observers say that the photo shoot is a signal that Lohan is thriving in rehab, and that she is trusted to leave the facility long enough to work on this shoot. Lohan has also been able to venture out to other areas with her counselors blessings, and seems to be doing well.


Lindsay Lohan reconciling with estranged father Michael as part of recovery at Betty Ford Center
posted by admin on 13 Nov 2010

This time last year, Lindsay Lohan might have laughed out loud if anyone predicted a reunion with her long-estranged and despised father, Michael

But after several court appearances, brief stints in jail and court-ordered rehab, times are a changin' More

PREACH IT! Introducing the Lindsay Lohan-Michael Lohan fallout pool!
posted by admin on 13 Nov 2010

Congratulations to Lindsay Lohan and her dad Michael: The two have reconciled after years of estrangement. It couldn't have been easy for Lindsay to agree to see her dad, given her father’s fondness for parading in front of the press, moaning about his daughter's waywardness.

Still, signs of a rapprochement have been in the air for a while. A few weeks before the two reunited in Rancho Mirage at the Betty Ford Center -- where Lohan is cooped up in rehab -- Michael issued a supposedly final note to the media. We won't subject you to it here, but the gist was that Michael would no longer, you know, be parading in front of the press moaning about his daughter's waywardness. More

Lindsay Lohan spends time with dad in rehab
posted by admin on 13 Nov 2010

Los Angeles, California (CNN) -- While Lindsay Lohan deals with drug addiction at the Betty Ford Center, the actress is also working through her very public differences with her father, Michael Lohan.

The father and daughter were photographed together during an outing Wednesday. More

Lindsay Lohan's mom says Betty Ford Center has been `life-changing' for her daughter
posted by admin on 08 Nov 2010

NEW YORK - Lindsay Lohan's mother says her daughter's treatment for addiction at the Betty Ford Clinic has been "life-changing."

Dina Lohan says the world-renowned addiction center in Rancho Mirage, Calif., is "an amazing place" that has really dug into the "Mean Girl" actress' problems and brought them to the surface. She said Lindsay, who was seen shopping on an approved outing over the weekend, is happy and relaxed.More

Lindsay Lohan -- A Little Retail Therapy
posted by admin on 08 Nov 2010

TMZ has obtained the first footage of Lindsay Lohan out in public since she went back to rehab on October 22 -- and, in typical Lindsay fashion, she was out shopping.

Lindsay took another excursion from Betty Ford, this time traveling on Sunday a mere four miles to the College of the Desert Alumni Association Street Fair. More

Lindsay Lohan reunites with estranged father: report
posted by admin on 08 Nov 2010

Lindsay Lohan is back on speaking terms with her estranged father Michael after a seven-month stand-off

The 24-year-old actress, who is currently receiving treatment for drug addiction at the Betty Ford Center in California, on Sunday had an emotional reunion her one-time drug addict dad, who she has perpetually blamed for her problems, RadarOnline reported Monday. More

California: The Lindsay Lohan of States
posted by admin on 08 Nov 2010

Listen up, California. The other 48 states—your cousin New York excluded—are sick of your bratty arrogance. You're the Lindsay Lohan of states: a prima donna who once showed some talent but is now too wasted to do anything with it.

After enjoying ephemeral highs and spending binges, you suffer crashes that culminate in brief, unsuccessful stints in rehab. This cycle repeats itself every five to 10 years, as the rest of the country looks on with a mixture of horror and amusement. We'd feel sorry for you if you didn't constantly flip us the bird. More

Dina Lohan finally admits daughter Lindsay is a drug addict, calls rehab 'life-changing' experience
posted by admin on 08 Nov 2010

Lindsay Lohan's mom finally said goodbye to denial Monday and admitted her daughter is a drug addict.

"Yes," Dina Lohan said when asked on the "Today" show whether she could acknowledge what's been apparent to anybody else watching the public More

Lindsay Lohan Supervised New Handbag Line From Rehab
posted by admin on 04 Nov 2010

Lindsay Lohan may have told a judge that her clothing line has suffered in her absence while she recovers in rehab, but the Mean Girls star can take solace in the potential success of her 6126 company's Spring 2010 handbag line.

The line - which has looks spanning from evening bags to everyday looks for the working woman or girl on the go - will retail from about $100 to $145 on average.More

Video: Lindsay Lohan Makes Joke About Her Reported Financial Woes
posted by admin on 31 Oct 2010

Despite the issues Lindsay Lohan has been facing, the actress proves she can still laugh at herself in this new Funny of Die video made by 'Funny People' director Judd Apatow.

The video was a humorous public service announcement in support of the American Jewish World Service. In addition to Lohan's appearance, a number of other celebs loaned their notoriety including Ben Stiller, Jerry Seinfeld, Sarah Silverman, Don Johnson and Andy Samberg.More

Snooki Shows Her Support For Lindsay Lohan With Her Oversized 6126 Bag!
posted by admin on 29 Oct 2010

Lindsay Lohan may have been worried about her clothing and accessory lines while she’s away in rehab, but she shouldn’t be concerned — she may not be able to get her line out there, but Snooki’s decided to help! The Jersey Shore star was spotted having lunch at Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills on Oct. 28 where she brought a bag from Lohan’s 6126 collection along with her. The oversized purse was practically the same size as Snooki!


PETA offers to pay Lohan rehab bill if she turns vegan
posted by admin on 29 Oct 2010

The ‘Machete' star is reportedly struggling to fund her treatment at the Betty Ford Center but animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have offered to step in if she agrees to give up eating meat and animal products.

In a letter obtained by BANG Showbiz, which was sent to the actress through her lawyer, the group wrote: "We understand that you've fallen on tough economic times, so we're writing to you with an offer that we sincerely hope you'll consider. More

Lohan reportedly plans to allow dad to visit rehab
posted by admin on 27 Oct 2010

The ‘Machete' actress -- who is undergoing treatment for drug abuse at the Betty Ford Clinic in California – is hoping that by granting Michael's visitation requests she will be able to stop his repeated public pleas for her to allow him to see her.

A source close to Lindsay and her mother Dina – who both agreed Michael should be banned from seeing her - said: 'It's gotten to the point where Lindsay told Dina, 'Mommy, maybe I should just let him see me because then he'll go away and he'll stop. More

Lindsay Lohan needs someone to pay $50,000 rehab bill
posted by admin on 27 Oct 2010

Our obligatory Lindsay Lohan follow-up finds that even though she miraculously dodged the jailtime bullet once again, she needs some help to fulfill her sentence to even more rehab, 'cause girl is stone broke. At least, she is after spending all that money on booze and drugs.

PopEater's Rob Shuter says Lindsay is so strapped, she needs a sponsor to foot the bill at the Betty Ford Clinic, where she's been ordered to stay until Jan. 3: "Lindsay can't afford to pay for treatment," a friend told Shuter. More

Behind the Scenes on 'Showbiz Tonight': More rehab for Lindsay
posted by admin on 22 Oct 2010

The "Showbiz Tonight" team was up late last night and back up bright and early this morning getting the latest on whether or not Lindsay Lohan was headed back to jail.

Late last night, the emails and phone calls were flying as we tried to figure out if Lindsay left the Betty Ford clinic after a 24 day stay. This morning we confirmed she'd checked out of rehab and was headed to court to face off with the judge. More

Lohan's dad: 'I was attacked'
posted by admin on 22 Oct 2010

Lindsay Lohan's father Michael called police to his home in California on Thursday night after he was allegedly attacked on his front driveway.

Lohan claims a man grabbed him from behind and attempted to choke him as he was about to get into his car outside his house in Santa Monica. More

Lohan back in rehab till after New Year's
posted by admin on 22 Oct 2010

Lindsay Lohan sidestepped another jail stint Friday when a California judge sent the 24-year-old starlet back to rehab, telling her she's an addict and will face jail time if she relapses.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elden Fox ordered Lohan to remain at the Betty Ford Center until Jan. 3 and report back to court in late February.More

Lindsay Lohan has her own treatment team of 10 at Betty Ford Center
posted by admin on 15 Oct 2010

A personal team of 10 has been assembled for actress Lindsay Lohan as she battles cocaine addiction at the Betty Ford Center.

The treatment team includes a physician, nurse, psychologist, primary counselor, case manager, spiritual care counselor, family counselor, dietitian, fitness trainer and chemical dependency technician. More

Lindsay Lohan Caught Sneaking Out Of Rehab For Soda
posted by admin on 15 Oct 2010

Lindsay Lohan has been caught trying to sneak out of a Rancho Mirage rehab facility in an apparent attempt to buy a soda, according to an online report

Lohan, 24, is in drug treatment at the Betty Ford Center. RadarOnline says she was trying to get to nearby Eisenhower Medical Center to buy a soda from a vending machine, but was foiled when her clothes got caught on a fence. More

Lohan 'escape' report denied
posted by admin on 14 Oct 2010

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer has dismissed reports the actress recently attempted to "escape" rehab - insisting the troubled star is making good progress at the clinic.

The Mean Girls star has been in and out of jail and rehab this year and she is currently receiving treatment at the Betty Ford clinic in California. She checked into the facility four days after posting $300,000 bail to walk free from prison after failing two mandatory drug tests. More

Lindsay Lohan Makes Surprise VMA Appearance
posted by admin on 13 Sep 2010

Is it too soon to be making fun of Lindsay Lohan's recent incarceration? She doesn't seem to think so. The "actress" spoofed herself in an opening skit on Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards.

In a pre-taped skit, Lohan scolded host Chelsea Handler for setting off her SCRAM bracelet. More

Lindsay Lohan Did MTV's VMAs, but Why Didn't Paris Hilton?
posted by admin on 13 Sep 2010

How did Lindsay Lohan end up in Chelsea Handler's opening skit of last night's MTV Video Music Awards?

Source tells us that MTV producers pitched the idea to LiLo last week.… More

Lindsay Lohan in talks to appear on 'Oprah'
posted by admin on 11 Sep 2010

Lindsay Lohan is in talks to appear on the final season of “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” celebrity website RadarOnline reported Thursday.

Although the deal has yet to be finalized, the talks between the troubled "Mean Girls" actress and the U.S. talk show queen’s team were "looking very good," the website reported, citing a source. More

Lindsay Lohan -- One Meeting at a Time
posted by admin on 11 Sep 2010

Determined to get what's left of her career back on track, rehabbed ex-con actress Lindsay Lohan took a business meeting with agents at Creative Artists Agency in Century City on Thursday.

Lindsay also had a meeting Friday morning -- with her probation officer. She showed up at the Santa Monica Courthouse today to submit to a drug test. More

Lindsay Lohan Returns to Red: Love It or Hate It?
posted by admin on 11 Sep 2010

After a controversy that left her lanky extensions tangled in jailhouse rules just over a month ago, Lindsay Lohan‘s hair is once again causing quite a stir. After spending months as a blonde, the starlet has dumped her platinum color and returned to her auburn roots, which she debuted today while out and about in Santa Monica, Calif.


Lindsay Lohan thinks baby steps will prevent her stumbling
posted by admin on 11 Sep 2010

What could possibly go wrong? Lindsay Lohan thinks maybe parenthood would help her straighten up and fly right, reports In Touch Weekly mag.

Don't Usemyname told the mag that Lilo "needs to be around someone nearly 24 hours a day" and "thinks having a baby could straighten out her life." More

Lindsay Lohan reportedly courted heavily by NBC's 'Today' show for first TV appearance
posted by admin on 07 Sep 2010

Lindsay Lohan is ready to reveal what happened during her stints in jail and rehab this summer, and sources say the starlet is likely to land on NBC's "Today" show.

Lohan, who seems to be fielding more requests for her first post-jail TV interview these days than for her next movie role, is being heavily courted by multiple outlets. More

Weekend box office: Lohan's 'Machete' plays OK
posted by admin on 07 Sep 2010

It's unlikely that many people earmarked Labor Day weekend as Lindsay Lohan's comeback weekend, but it certainly had that undercurrent as her film "Machete" opened up against George Clooney's "The American." And the verdict? Although "Machete" came in No. 2, bringing in $11.4 million, against "The American," which brought in an estimated $16.2 million (according to Box Office Mojo), it seems fair to say "Machete" did OK. The two films opened in a comparable number of theaters and "The American" had a much stronger publicity push. Maybe things will be alright for Lohan after all.


Lindsay Lohan -- Is 'Today' the One for Her?
posted by admin on 06 Sep 2010

TMZ has learned ... Lindsay Lohan has "multiple offers" for her first television interview since getting out of jail/rehab -- and one of her biggest suitors is "Today."

Sources tell TMZ the NBC show has definite interest in landing the coveted sit-down with LiLo -- a source at the Peacock says they are "actively" trying to sign her. More

George Clooney's No. 1 American; Lindsay Lohan's No. 2!
posted by admin on 06 Sep 2010

Lindsay Lohan returned. Drew Barrymore made it oh-for-three.

Clooney's The American ($13.1 million Friday-Sunday; $16.4 million Friday-Monday) needed the grown-up vote to win—and it got it. Nearly 90 percent of the opening-weekend audience was age 25 or older. Since opening last Wednesday, the thriller is at $19.5 million overall—a good great bit of business for a $20 million movie. More

Lindsay Lohan Baby Carriage Game
posted by admin on 05 Sep 2010

Lindsay Lohan is trying to drive her Maserati through the streets of Los Angeles -- but there are just so many baby carriages! Will she make it home without hitting any?


Lohan's Machete performance praised
posted by admin on 30 Aug 2010

Lindsay Lohan was nowhere to be seen at the screening of her new movie despite being fresh out of rehab - but the film's director was quick to praise the star.

Robert Rodriguez said he instinctively knew Li-Lo would be great in Machete. More

Lindsay Lohan ready to make his reputation back!
posted by admin on 28 Aug 2010

It seems that actress Lindsay Lohan is all ready trouble getting your form back. It has released its so famous detoxification, and requested his drivers license, and now is writing a chronicle of customers for a fashion magazine. She wrote an article about fashion and style for BlackBook magazine, where she revealed her in substance and taste and not wanting.

Frankly, your article has all the cliches we have heard more than one billion times more famous. However, reveals an interesting thing ran scissors Gucci and Balenciaga models to make them fit hiMore

Lohan snags fashion reporter gig
posted by admin on 28 Aug 2010

Lindsay Lohan has swapped her orange prison jumpsuit for a more stylish role as a fashion reporter - the troubled actress has written a guest column for hip arts publication BlackBook magazine.

The Mean Girls star was jailed last month for violating her probation relating to a 2007 DUI arrest and after two weeks behind bars, she went straight to court-ordered rehab.More

Lindsay Lohan, out of rehab, has new probation rules
posted by admin on 26 Aug 2010

Lindsay Lohan is a changed woman after her 13 days in jail and 23 days in a drug rehab program, her lawyer asserted Wednesday.

"She has learned her lesson," defense lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley told the judge at a Wednesday morning hearing.More

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan -- Steering Her Life In A New Direction?
posted by admin on 26 Aug 2010

Start your engines: Lindsay Lohan is back on the road.

The troubled 24-year-old actress was a no-show at the premiere screening of her new film Machete, instead going for a spin in a rented Mazerati with a pal after midnight, and RadarOnline.com has all the pictures for you. More

Alba praises Lindsay Lohan
posted by admin on 26 Aug 2010

Jessica Alba and director Robert Rodriguez used a screening of Machete on Wednesday to send well-wishes to troubled actress Lindsay Lohan and praise her performance in the new movie.

Lohan was forced to miss the special showing in Los Angeles, which took place just one day after she was discharged from a rehab clinic at the UCLA Medical Center. More

Lindsay Lohan gets out of rehab early; Paris Hilton the target of a knife-wielding man
posted by admin on 25 Aug 2010

Judge Elden Fox is considering shortening Lindsay Lohan's rehab stay, according to TMZ.com.

Fox is expected to issue a decision, based upon the opinion of medical professionals at UCLA Medical Center, this morning that would release the actress from the inpatient program at UCLA and allow her to continue her treatment in an outpatient manner. The actress will reportedly be released as early as today, Popeater.com reports. More

Lindsay Lohan's judge will issue a new rehab order Wednesday
posted by admin on 24 Aug 2010

The judge in the Lindsay Lohan case will issue an order Wednesday morning concerning the actress' stay in rehab, a court official said.

Lohan entered a court-ordered substance abuse rehabilitation program at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center on August 2, following a 13-day stint in a Los Angeles county jail for a probation violation.More

Lindsay Lohan released from rehab, may be heading to NY
posted by admin on 24 Aug 2010

Lindsay Lohan is a free woman!

The ‘‘Mean Girls’’ actress was released from substance abuse rehab and used first moments of freedom to call her mom, sources close to the family said. More

Lindsay Lohan released from rehab after 22 days, discharged and sent home in chauffered limo:
posted by admin on 24 Aug 2010

The troubled starlet has been released from rehab after just 22 days, RadarOnline reports.

Lohan, who was originally sentenced to spend 90 days in jail followed by 90 days in UCLA's drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility, signed discharge papers on Tuesday afternoon.More

Lindsay Lohan leaves rehab after 23 days [poll]
posted by admin on 24 Aug 2010

Lindsay Lohan was released from rehab Tuesday, a little more than three weeks after leaving jail and entering treatment, Radar Online reports.

Doctors last week told the court that Lohan may have been misdiagnosed with ADHD years ago, TMZ sources said, and didn't have the drug and alcohol problems some had suspected.More

Lindsay Lohan Shocker: Not An Addict After All?
posted by admin on 21 Aug 2010

Lindsay's Lohan's attorney is expected to return to court next week, arguing the fallen star has been in rehab long enough, reports CBS News Correspondent Bill Whitaker.

This, as a report surfaces that she may not have been an addict at all, and may have been misdiagnosed as oneMore

Can New York Save Lindsay Lohan?
posted by admin on 21 Aug 2010

IT could be her greatest role since “Mean Girls.” Disgraced starlet ankles Hollywood for Gotham, a humbling return to the city of her birth. Able to blend in among the city’s obscuring crowds, our starlet finds peace and — eureka! — a path to redemption. Soon, she wrangles a small, serious role Off Broadway that reminds the world she can act (and show up on time). Other roles follow. Critics nod, the media applaud, Martin Scorsese is on the phone. Lindsay Lohan is back. Bow, curtain, fin.


Lohan Attorneys Meet With Judge, New Hearing Set
posted by admin on 19 Aug 2010

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Attorneys in the probation case for troubled actress Lindsay Lohan met on Wednesday with a new presiding judge, who set a status hearing for August 25, a court official said.

No details about the actress's stint in a court-ordered drug and alcohol rehabilitation were disclosed after the closed-door proceeding. A court spokesman confirmed the new hearing date, and said Lohan is not expected to be present. More

Lindsay Lohan's doctors recommend shorter rehab
posted by admin on 19 Aug 2010

When does "90 days in rehab" not really mean 90 days in rehab? Perhaps when you're Lindsay Lohan.

Lohan attorney Shawn Chapman Holley met Wednesday in chambers, TMZ said, with Judge Elden Fox and Deputy D.A. Danette Meyers, reportedly to discuss input on the actress' progress from her doctors at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center More

Lindsay Lohan Faces Grim Career Options
posted by admin on 18 Aug 2010

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Getting back to straight civilian life can be tough for anyone trying to leave a jail stint behind. But professional train wreck and sometime-actress Lindsay Lohan has a whole set of unique circumstances to navigate when she walks out of rehab again and tries to make a living.

At first, she'll need to rely on the tarnished-celebrity-appearance racket because her film career is shaping up to make Tara Reid's look like Sandra Bullock's.More

Lindsay Lohan to land $1 million for first post-jail interview?
posted by admin on 18 Aug 2010

When Dina Lohan appeared on Today with Matt Lauer she said that daughter Lindsay "will do an interview" when she gets out of rehab.

Now, The Hollywood Reporter says that "is likely to be handed $1 million by OK! for her first post-jail interview," and maybe even more as she makes other deals to discuss her time inside jail.More

Lindsay Lohan -- Early Release
posted by admin on 16 Aug 2010

Turns out Lindsay Lohan will indeed be getting out of the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital ... as early as this week, according to sources familiar with the situation.

Our sources say Lindsay's doctors have not written their final report, but they have already concluded her psychiatric problems are not nearly as severe as first thought. We've been told there were indications Lindsay was bipolar but that proved not to be the case.More

Lindsay Lohan -- Inspirational
posted by admin on 15 Aug 2010

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ .... she's "passionate" about mentoring some of the troubled girls she's met in rehab. Lindsay has taken a genuine liking to the girls -- writing them inspirational notes and giving them advice. Ironic, we know.

As for life in rehab, one source close to Lindsay describes it as "full-on 'Girl, Interrupted'." We're told Lindsay gets no special treatment -- if anything, nurses are harder on her to show they're not playing favoritesMore

Lindsay Lohan mom Dina Lohan says judge, media too hard on her
posted by admin on 14 Aug 2010

Lindsay Lohan's mother told interviewer Matt Lauer the media and justice system are largely to blame for the U.S. actress' problems.

The 24-year-old star of "Freaky Friday" and "Mean Girls" has served two stints in jail and taken four trips to rehab, due to her addictions to alcohol and drugs. More

Lindsay Lohan may get early release from UCLA drug rehab, finish 90-day sentence as outpatient
posted by admin on 14 Aug 2010

Lindsay Lohan may be getting out of a UCLA treatment center in fewer than 90 days but her court-ordered rehab is likely to continue on an outpatient basis, say sources familiar with her treatment and legal case.

Lohan, who was sentenced to 90 days in jail and 90 days in substance abuse treatment by Judge Marsha N. Revel, is likely to be released from UCLA in far less than 90 days because its program lasts about half that time, sources said. More

Lindsay Lohan's mother says actress will move East
posted by admin on 13 Aug 2010

NEW YORK – Lindsay Lohan's mom says the actress will be moving away from California and back to New York after she gets out of drug rehabilitation.

Dina Lohan, during an often tense interview with NBC "Today" show co-host Matt Lauer on Friday, said her daughter was doing "wonderfully" after 14 days in jail and lashed out at California Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel, who put the actress there. More

Dina Lohan: Lindsay may leave rehab early, judge 'played hardball'
posted by admin on 13 Aug 2010

Lindsay Lohan may be getting out of rehab earlier than her court-ordered 90 days. This morning on Today, mom Dina Lohan told Matt Lauer that "yes," Lindsay will be in for a "shorter time," but said she couldn't say more. More than once, Dina said Lindsay's judge, Marsha Revel, who is now off the case, "played hardball," implying she was too harsh on Lindsay.

Dina also says that Lindsay has "grown up" and isn't the same girl who was charged with DUI in 2007.More

Lindsay Lohan judge removes herself from case
posted by admin on 12 Aug 2010

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — The judge who sent Lindsay Lohan to jail has removed herself from the case after a prosecutor complained she improperly contacted experts or participants in the case privately, including a rehabilitation facility, officials said Wednesday.

Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel recused herself Friday, court spokesman Allan Parachini and district attorney's office spokeswoman Jane Robison said.More

PREACH IT! Of course celebrities get special treatment in jail! Right, Lindsay Lohan?
posted by admin on 11 Aug 2010

The next time some law-enforcement person stands up in front of a microphone and intones to the press that stars get the same treatment as every other prison inmate, you have official permission from Team Preach It, if not all of the Ministry of Gossip, to tell said law enforcement person to stuff it. The law-enforcement person is most likely lying or at the very least out of touch. Every time a star gets out of jail, the special privileges they get grow increasingly obvious.


Lindsay Lohan 'fell apart' after parents' divorce
posted by admin on 10 Aug 2010

Lindsay Lohan's father blames his marriage split for her personal problems.

The troubled actress - who is currently receiving rehabilitation treatment at the UCLA Medical Center as part of her sentence for breaching the terms of her probation set for a 007 driving under the influence conviction - "fell apart" after witnessing the collapse of Michael and Dina Lohan's relationship and no longer knew who to trust. More

Lindsay Lohan "Is Doing Great" in Rehab
posted by admin on 10 Aug 2010

"Lindsay is doing great," her assistant, Eleonore, tells RadarOnline.com. A neighboring cellmate, Pretty Wild's Alexis Neiers, said Lohan, 24, "cried" while serving just 12 days of her 90-day sentence.

Eleonore also downplays a report that she is "miserable" working with Lindsay's mom, Dina, and 16-year-old sister, Ali, while Lindsay spends her court-ordered 90 days in rehab at UCLA Medical Center. More

Lindsay Lohan only allowed visits from family in rehab
posted by admin on 10 Aug 2010

Lindsay Lohan has been banned from seeing anyone apart from her relatives while she is in rehab.

The 'Mean Girls' actress - who was released from prison last week after serving just 13 days of a 90-day sentence for breaking the terms of her probation for a 2007 driving under influence (DUI) conviction - is currently on a 90-day treatment course at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. More

Lindsay Lohan Gets Rehab Visit from Mom, Sister
posted by admin on 06 Aug 2010

Lindsay Lohan's mother and sister dropped by the UCLA rehab facility last night -- to try and spend some quality time with Lindsay during her 2nd night in the program.

Dina Lohan -- along with her 16-year-old daughter Ali -- drove up to the rehab facility together ... though it's unclear how much time they actually got to spend with LiLo. More

Lindsay Lohan Discusses Her Future In Maxim Pre-Jail Interview
posted by admin on 06 Aug 2010

Before Lindsay Lohan's current court-ordered stay in rehab following her release from jail earlier this week, the actress sat down with Maxim magazine, just days before entering Lynwood Detention Facility.

Appearing on the magazine's cover in a black-and-white-striped bikini, the starlet opened up about her personal life. "I am feeling strong. I've experienced a lot in my life, and my mom has given me a lot of faith. This too shall pass," Lohan said.

Mean Street: America and Lindsay Lohan, Free At Last
posted by admin on 04 Aug 2010

In case you weren’t paying attention, something big happened over the past few weeks.

I’m not talking about Lindsay Lohan’s early release from the Los Angeles County lock-up yesterday. But it does involve someone who did stupid things getting out of jail. More

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